Do you remember the first time you saw HDTV? That wonder, clarity, sharpness & color saturation made every other TV picture you’d ever seen, pale in comparison.

SEE IT. BELIEVE IT. The future is here in AluminArt exceptionally adept at capturing subtle nuances, a broader spectrum & vivid colors with a depth of field that you’ve never seen before. When light hits the surface, it passes through the image, bounces off the Aluminum as if it were backlit but not… AluminArt is truly breathtaking in its ability to display colors that seemingly ‘jump out at you’… The sheer impact of these prints, super high gloss finish on Aluminum is something to behold and enjoy for a lifetime…

Framing: Frame to Edge, also  know as box mount with 3 color selections – brushed frosted silver, brushed satin black and brushed gray pewter.

Collect one. Collect Them All…

Featured images: Tree of Life and Autumn Leaves

* From our recyclable aluminum to our proprietary coated finishes, your Lori Grimmett fine art acquisition is environmentally friendly. Even the aluminum, including frames, are over 90% recycled content. Our coatings do not emit VOCs or release harmful chemicals.


This NEW Limited Edition “Tree of Dreams” Collection will be available soon!  Check back soon for details.

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