The Unknown Path

Portland, Oregon

I set out this morning to capture the first ray of light in the new year. Instead of the colorful, brilliant sunrise (I was hoping for) I was welcomed by thick fog and bitter cold, 23 degree temperatures. As the sun rose, I was reminded that no matter how much planning I do, I can never control the variables. I love that somehow, things usually work out even better than I had hoped or could have planned.

As I watch the pathway disappear into thick fog, it reminds me of life, and no matter how hard I try, I cannot know what the future holds. The not knowing, forces me to notice more of the things I can see, the parts of life that closely surround me at this moment. Encouraging me to live in the present moment.

As I choose to move forward, more is revealed, but only a small portion at a time. For now, it’s best for me to enjoy what is near, as I follow that intriguing path into the unknown. No matter what is ahead on my path, I can be present to appreciate all that I have, all that God allows me to see at this moment. I am also grateful that God will take my hand and lead me into this unknown, confident He will be with me, even when I cannot see the bigger picture. Thank you God for yet another quiet morning in the country and more life lessons along my path. What a blessed morning and a welcome start to a new year.


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