Thanksgetting & Black Friday

Thanksgetting & Black Friday



For so many, October through December (one quarter of every year of their lives) becomes overwhelmed with stress, errands, long lines, unwanted obligations, headaches and frustrations that frequently relent to disappointments and emptiness.


Today, the modern Thanksgiving holiday ushers in a sad and unfortunate time for mankind as they busy themselves with worldly distractions.

Individuals rush around, spending money they don’t have, on people they don’t actually care about, while declaring (with their mouth) their deep gratitude and thankfulness for what they already have.

This is the grievous truth that exposes the genuine focus of their hearts. It doesn’t take much to see through such a pathetic façade. Actions (not words) always show the truth of the heart and what it desires most.


I see Thanksgiving as the beginning of a season of mourning for those who cannot see the truth of their own heart. Rather than a day of deep gratitude and giving thanks for the outpouring of blessings we receive each day, most use this holiday to kick-start their commercialized buying frenzy under the pretense of celebrating a religious season.


I find it particularly sad for those celebrating worldly possessions and holidays under the guise of religion.  A sad, sad world we live in, when those who claim to know Christ (at least with their mouth) choose to celebrate the love of money along with holidays that are clearly not biblical.




Count Your Blessings
My prayer is to encourage truth into hearts and lives, that they may examine “what” and “why” they do what they do. In this process of self-examination (and Biblical study) I pray they become more centered, more deeply grateful as they recognize and begin to truly cherish all that they already have. There are so many blessings that pour over our lives on a daily basis. Imagine, if we become aware of even a small percent of them, and took the time to truly be thankful every single day, what a different life (and world) we would live in.

May you know the depths of daily gratitude and true thanks-giving.  May you celebrate the joy of living in the moment; being able to recognize the tremendous blessings that surround us… 

the smile on a strangers face when you open the door for them, the happy tail on your dog every time you walk into the room, the fact that you have electricity and are reading this on the internet right now, the precious lives of loved ones who walk with you in the midst of trials, the ease with which you can breathe, stand or move, the fact that your heart continues to beat, the warmth of your shelter during a cold night.

Look around you. What can you appreciate at this moment that you didn’t even notice a moment ago? Name your blessings… count them one by one. It truly has the power to change your life.

There is greater joy in celebrating more important things, every single day 

than to celebrate the shallow commercialization of a holiday.  May you discover the blessings that surround you today. Making a habit of recognizing and naming your blessings can make a profound difference in your thought process, the way you see the world and the actions you choose for your life. May you know the depth of true blessings and count them in your heart today.

Count Your Blessings 2

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