A Worthy Celebration

A Worthy Celebration

I’m a Christian who doesn’t celebrate Christmas (or any worldly holiday)… instead, I choose to celebrate God’s much larger purpose… His every day miracles and blessings.


What if we had the same, deep happiness on Monday morning as we do on Friday afternoon?  What if we woke up with the excitement of Christmas morning, for every sunrise?  How different would our lives and our world be?


What happens if we truly learn to appreciate (and even celebrate) all the precious moments of everyday life?  This kind of celebration has the power to change the way we think, the way we see our circumstances and the actions and choices we make on a daily basis.


May we celebrate every single day as a gift from God, every moment we breathe as precious and every sunrise and sunset a masterpiece made for our hearts.  May we celebrate with the kind of love, passion and joy that changes the world.


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