Christmas is a Lie

Christmas is a Lie

Imagine how much more powerful Satan’s work becomes when instead of rising up against the church, he works his way into the congregation, the sermons and even into Bible translations, convincing weak Christians to believe false doctrine. Disguised as an angel of light, he is welcomed, by the weak, into the innermost part of their beliefs, rituals and traditions. Distorting the truth into a plausible lie Christians not only believe, but preach to others. So many, blindly following each other (away from the truth) assuming the church is an ark of safety, and not taking the responsibility to continually search the scriptures, to wisely determine truth from lies. Breaking free from satanic delusions can be difficult, especially when Satan is among you, hardening your heart to the truth. My prayer is that you can open your heart to God’s word and rejoice as you see His truth and all the freedom, joy and blessings that await you.


As a child, my Christian family never encouraged the belief in Santa, instead they celebrated Christmas as the largest, most highly celebrated holy day of the year, the sacred birthday of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

“Jesus is NOT the reason for the season. And He never was.”

This festive occasion was touted as the “reason for the season”.  I believed we had some kind of higher, spiritual knowledge that set us apart from the masses, because we celebrated Christmas, not with Santa but as the day of Christ’s birth.

Yet, even with this knowledge, we still did the exact same things so many other families did.  We put up a Christmas tree, hung lights, stressed over what to buy everyone, spent a month or more fighting crowds and long lines to make obligatory purchases for nearly everyone we knew.  How could this knowledge (which separated us and our beliefs) bring about the same result as those who didn’t believe in God at all? Were we really any different than the world?  Of course, we attended the Christmas Eve service at church, sang God-infused songs instead of carols, and even had a birthday cake and read the story of Christ’s birth from the Bible.  But was this really a different holiday or celebration than my non-Christian friends?  Not by much.  To anyone watching our family, unless they followed us to the church service, we did everything all the other families did… right down to the holiday shopping and stress of making everything just right.


With so much emphasis on Christmas, as I got older, I wanted more than just the story of Christ, I wanted to dig deeper, to learn more about the most important celebration of our Christian beliefs.  As I studied the scriptures and read it for myself, I was stunned and horrified at what I found… or didn’t find… according to the Bible (the book on which we base our beliefs as the word of God)… there is no such thing as Christmas.


After only a preliminary look into it, my world had been shattered.  Nowhere in the New or Old Testament could I find the word Christmas… anywhere.  Not only that, but it became obvious immediately that Christ was clearly not born on December 25th.  What?!  That’s not even His birthday?!  Than what is it we’re celebrating?! And who told us Jesus was born on December 25th?!


Going to my parents with this earth-shattering information, I was hoping they’d point to a verse in the Bible that I just hadn’t noticed, and it would all make sense. But no. To my horror… they seemed undisturbed by my revelation, calmly and casually, agreeing with the facts, as they already knew them, yet quickly brushed off the Biblical facts as having no importance regarding Christmas.  What?! They already knew this information?!  And how in the world do Biblical facts not matter?!

Realizing my parents were willing to lie to me about the most important holy day of our beliefs (part of the foundation of my faith) I wondered what else they were willing to lie to me about.  Suddenly, my parents and anything they had to say became untrustworthy to me.  For nearly two decades, they had knowingly perpetuated a lie to me, about what they professed was the most important thing in our lives. How much easier would it be to lie about lesser things?

Looking back, I’m not sure what to make of it all. I figure, my parents’ deception could have gone one of two ways for their kids… 1.  I grow in my faith by studying the Bible and eventually learn the truth, or 2.  I remain stunted in my faith, content to blindly follow the words of people rather than searching the Bible for truth.  Honestly, I’m not sure which of these scenarios is worse.  Did they really hope I would never grow in my faith?  Never learn the truth?


Is it the hope of all parents (who celebrate Christ’s birth on Christmas) that their children will never grow deep enough in their faith to realize they’re being lied to?  Or is the hope for their children, to casually dismiss Biblical facts and continue to perpetuate the lie to the next generation?  Oh the sadness, in either case.

“Now these were more noble-minded… for they received the word with great eagerness, examining the Scriptures daily to see whether these things were so.” – Acts 17:11

Thankfully, there are more and more Christians every year, deepening their faith, studying the Bible and seeking truth – even if that means forsaking what they had previously known as tradition, and ceasing the perpetuation of pagan rituals on December 25th.


If we put “Christ” back in “Christian”, we’ll realize He’s not part of Christmas at all. He never was.



So, what should we celebrate?

A Worthy Celebration


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