Marriage of Three

Marriage of Three







The sacred and Godly covenant of marriage is more than the union of one man and one woman. There is a divine spirit that creates a bond greater and stronger than any two people alone.

I believe marriage is a relationship of 3. The first, and most important relationship, is your lifelong vow and commitment to God. The second is to your spouse. As long as the first one is in place the second one naturally occurs.

Love Triangle




After decades of marriage, I’ve learned that so much day-to-day of marriage is by choice. Our thoughts become our future actions. If we choose to make each day laughter, passion and roses (no matter how challenging the circumstances) then this is what your marriage becomes.


Marriage is not about percentage (50/50 or 100/100) it is a commitment. To be completely committed, means the two become one. Success occurs when a single unit (a committed marriage), moves deliberately toward a single goal (dedication to God). This heart-felt, loving commitment becomes a grateful celebration to share together each and every morning.



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