Rebuild Yourself With Intention

Rebuild Yourself With Intention

Our cells die off at a rate of more than 60 billion every single day. That’s more than 2.5 billion every hour and more than 1.7 million every single minute of our lives. This process of cellular death is a natural one, yet we’re not deteriorating before our eyes because our bodies are amazingly productive.


We’re creating, forming and re-growing those 60 billion cells every single day. Different types of cell have differing life spans. Red blood cells, for example, are created to survive for about four months, skin and lung cells about three weeks and some of our internal organs, like the colon, have cells that live, die and are replaced in a mere four days. With this continuous renewal comes tremendous opportunity.


Consider the birth of a single cell like the forming of a child in the womb. This tiny, yet complex and intricate living cell is formed inside us, imprinted by our mind and body during each stage of growth. As it develops, its form and shape are influenced by our physical, emotional and spiritual state. And at its birth, it takes place among our cells, making up, physically, a portion of who we are.


Imagine the uncountable opportunities for success, failure or anything in between, along every step of this miraculous journey. Imagine a cell forming while you’re in a heated argument. Muscles tense, face turning red, heart pounding, pressurizing that large vein in your forehead while you’re yelling with rage. How long were you angry? How many cells were created while you were infuriated?


Now imagine yourself on vacation, enjoying your favorite part of the day. Muscles relaxed, deep cleansing breaths, and a clear and happy mind. Let’s call this your “Happy Place”. Truly visualize your surroundings, using your senses. Is the sunshine warm on your skin? What do you see, hear, feel, smell? See the distance – is there a mountain, an ocean? Can you hear the wind or waves?


Rebiuld Yourself With Intention


Take a nice deep breath in, let it open and expand your lungs, then relax your muscles and shoulders as you exhale slowly. In only a few seconds you were likely able to slightly lower your blood pressure and heart rate and gain a clearer sense of awareness, all while building thousands of new, happy cells.


Certainly living in the “Happy Place” of our minds, 24/7 is unrealistic. But what would happen if you remembered your Happy Place periodically throughout the day? Just long enough to visualize it while taking a single, cleansing breath? Try it out when you’re getting dressed in the morning, or at the red light on the way to work, in the elevator, while sitting at your desk, before each meal or before bed.


What if these tiny moments started to change your thoughts? Sure, you’re still in that crazy stressful meeting, but for the length of one breath, you took a vacation that calmed your muscles, your heart and helped you think more clearly? What if these tiny moments started to influence your overall happiness and perspective? Imagine the exponential benefits of making this a habit. Perhaps you can transform your life by producing happier, healthier, stronger cells – that over time, literally, make up who you are and who you’ll become.


Consider the power we have, as we create, nurture and give birth to more than 420 billion new cells every week. Billions of opportunities await us. Each new moment holds the potential to improve ourselves. We are literally not the same person we were even a week ago. Awareness is the first step in changing the direction of our growth. Use this moment to open your mind, change your thoughts and transform your life.



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