Maki-e – Raden – Flowers 01

Raden Maki-e box with flower design.  I use genuine, abolone shell to create the intricate flower designs.  Each piece is cut and carefully placed individually.  Top flowers have more blue abolone shell, while the flower that wraps around the side of the box has more green tones in the abolone shell.

One-of-a-kind, individually made by hand.  By gold artist Lori Grimmett.


Maki-e is the ancient Japanese art that literally means “Sprinkled gold”. Genuine 24 karat gold, along with other precious metals (silver, titanium, copper & mica) are sprinkled onto a wet surface to create the beautifully detailed designs.

My work includes Taka Maki-e “Raised Maki-e” and Raden Maki-e, the addition of shell (mother-of-pearl or abalone) into the designs.

Each masterpiece is individually created with its own, one-of-a-kind
character. Every detail contains intention, purpose and harmony
and is best performed after quiet meditation.

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