Maki-e – Yin Yang Koi 01

Maki-e box with koi in yin yang design.  I sprinkle genuine, precious metals over a wet surface to create the intricate designs. Genuine 24 karat gold and 99.9% silver forms the bodies of the koi fish.

One-of-a-kind, individually made by hand.  By gold artist Lori Grimmett.


Maki-e is the ancient Japanese art that literally means “Sprinkled gold”. Genuine 24 karat gold, along with other precious metals (silver, titanium, copper & mica) are sprinkled onto a wet surface to create the beautifully detailed designs.

My work includes Taka Maki-e “Raised Maki-e” and Raden Maki-e, the addition of shell (mother-of-pearl or abalone) into the designs.

Each masterpiece is individually created with its own, one-of-a-kind
character. Every detail contains intention, purpose and harmony
and is best performed after quiet meditation.

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