Neuroplasticity & Passion

Neuroplasticity & Passion



A lot goes into preparing for an art show, but for me there is so much you don’t see.

I fight every day to stay alive (thanks to a western doctor’s medical mistake). Today marks nearly a year since my body could no longer maintain vital homeostasis by itself. IV infusions, along with a tremendous array of other daily protocols help to keep my physical body alive for as long as possible.

So why, while I’m fighting for my life, would I use my precious life-energy to creative art? An excellent question, that has a complex answer… beginning with God, passion, eight years of neuroplasticity training, meditation, energy work, medical QiGong, quantum physics and so much more.

Some of my earliest memories are of me with a crayon, marker or paintbrush in both hands and a huge smile on my face. The energy and joy I tap into from creating art can actually influence the parts of my brain and body that aren’t functioning properly. Because of my deep connection to this (within my brain, body and soul) it can influence the synaptic connections in my brain, the firing of my muscles and the energy within my meridians. While it takes a lot of life energy for me to create art, the creative process also invigorates my soul.



I also use mental gymnastics… literally doing my routines in my head. I was a passionate and creative gymnast from the time I could walk. These deep and strong commitments connect me (even on a cellular level) to times in my life when my body was strong and seemingly invincible. We’re complex beings, and when a positive change occurs in one area it can manifest, on some level, in another.

Through nearly a decade of brain-training neuroplasticity and mindfulness meditation (with the help of my team of neurosurgeons, specialists, gurus and monks from around the world), I’ve learned to be still, listen, create and rest as needed, with all things in balance as best I can… and so far I’m achieving “miraculous” and “impossible” results.

I encourage you to recognize your passions and notice the life-giving energy they can bring to your life. Those that say it can’t be done should get out of the way of the person actually achieving it.

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