Your Doctor May Be More Dangerous Than Cancer

Your Doctor May Be More Dangerous Than Cancer

Have You Fired Your Doctor Yet?

Part 1

Sadly, I am one of the millions of people who have suffered tremendously from a medical mistake. Leaving me permanently handicapped, requiring 24-hour care and a life expectancy of only a few years. Unless I die from an accident before then, my body will eventually die from my doctor’s medical mistake. I am paying with my life for trusting western medical doctors and their system of “care”.

Before I leave this world, my prayer is to increase wisdom in others and reduce the number of people who are injured or killed by western medicine. This comes from a place in my heart filled with love for people and wanting to save you from this same unnecessary suffering. This is not an “us against them” situation, but a heartfelt desire for everyone to be aware of truth, information and knowledge so you can make better decisions with your life and your health. This is what I wish someone had told me (and I had listened) before it happened to me, my friends, family and so many others.

It’s always uncomfortable to see hard truths, especially about something or someone you believe is here to help you. Sadly, this may be so surprising to some that they’ll want to deny or ignore it. But that denial or ignorance can be dangerous, if not fatal to you and your loved ones.

The truth is that today, western medical doctors are the leading cause of death in the United States. More than all cancer combined. Seriously. Do you realize you’re more likely to be murdered by your doctor than killed by cancer? Wow. Think about that for a moment. You’re statistically more likely to die from western medical “treatments” than from cancer itself. That’s enough to make you reconsider your next visit, prescription or procedure, along with their misguided opinion of you and your health.

Iatrogenic death is known as the “inadvertent and preventable induction of disease or complications by the medical treatment or procedures of a physician or surgeon”. An independent review of “government approved” medicine, published by Professors Gary Null, Dr. Carolyn Dean and Dr. Martin Feldman, titled “Death by Medicine”, found that in the United States, the iatrogenic death rate (death caused by western doctors and/or their medical treatments) is an astonishing, 783,936 people per year. Similar numbers were reported in another recent study by patient-safety researchers and John Hopkins University. Making death by western medicine a leading cause of death and injury in the United States.

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That’s over a quarter million (230,865) more deaths per year than caused by cancer. Hundreds of thousands of people are dying at the hands of their doctors or western medical staff rather than dying from the disease that they’re seeking treatment for.

It breaks down to 2,147 people murdered by western medicine each day; that’s equivalent to six Boeing 747 crashes every 24 hours. Wow. If airplanes were falling out of the sky at this rate, what would we be doing about it? Think of the tragedy, outrage and the changes we would be making immediately. How are we not in an uproar about this?!

“Nearly 700 precious lives are murdered every single day, at the hands of the western medical community.  That’s equivalent to four airplane crashes every 24 hours.  If airplanes were falling out of the sky at this rate, what would we be doing about it? 


Want to blame your doctor? True, much of the blame does fall on them for executing these outrageously dangerous treatments, but if we follow the money, we realize even the education that western doctors receive is tied to America’s largest pharmaceutical companies. So it’s not surprising that a doctor’s only option for “treatment” is pharmaceuticals or surgery (which also includes pharmaceuticals). According to the Center for Disease Control, drug overdoses or poisoning kills 52,404 people each year. That’s more than 143 people per day. One person every 10 minutes dies from drugs, and that’s just in the United States. That’s far more than the number of people killed in automobile accidents or by guns or shootings every year.

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Western medicine considers it acceptable (and would like to keep it quiet) that they’re murdering people through medical misdiagnosis, mismanagement, unnecessary surgeries, medical mistakes, administering incorrect prescriptions and negative drug interaction every… single… day. This staggering number of “acceptable” and preventable deaths is so far beyond atrocious, that I don’t even have words for it. I believe there is no greater gathering of murderers (outside of a prison) than a hospital full of doctors.


Yet the doctor’s office or hospital is where so many people, willingly and blindly go, believing these dangerous methods will help them stay healthy; not understanding the potential harm and that their doctor and staff’s education and income depend on self-inclusive big business, not in maintaining anyone’s health.

“I believe there is no greater gathering of murderers (outside of a prison) than a hospital full of doctors.”

These numbers are incomprehensively-high. Unfortunately, it’s very likely they’re actually much, much higher, as much as twenty times higher. Why? Because most iatrogenic deaths are not reported as iatrogenic, due to fear of lawsuits; plus, we’re asking the doctors to report their own deadly mistakes (murders) to an organization that doesn’t want the public to know about it either. Much of the reporting relies on self-reported data, which typically under-represents truth. Sadly, the medical community, including the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, does not require the reporting of medical errors in the data it collects about deaths through billing codes. This lack of accountability allows doctors, assistants and facilities to hide these facts, have no accountability, remain in business and continue those same treatments and practices on other patients. These preventable deaths and injuries are almost never made public. Without all medical or lawsuit records available to patients, it’s more than difficult to know just how many people your own doctor has injured or killed. Was it their last patient? Will you be next? Oh I hope not.

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Beyond death, western medicine is responsible for millions of people who are injured, harmed or left completely handicapped due to medical errors. “A medical error is a preventable adverse effect of care, whether or not it is evident or harmful to the patient. This might include an inaccurate or incomplete diagnosis or treatment of a disease, injury, syndrome, behavior, infection, or other ailment. “   Some expect this number to be around 40 times the death rate numbers, and is estimated around 20 million people each year who suffer a non-lethal medical mistake. That’s one person negatively affected by western medicine every 1 ½ seconds.

Completely unaware of these facts, I was more than shocked when a medical mistake left me fighting for me life after a “very safe and routine surgery” that’s performed as much as 3 million times each year in this country (most of which are unnecessary). But I had no idea. Returning to the only option I knew, I exhausted all avenues that western medicine offered me, in an attempt to repair what they had damaged. One after another, doctors, specialists and surgeons alike (across the United States and several countries across the world), concluded that the damage was “permanent and progressive with no cure or treatment”, “Today is your best day yet; you should go home, update your will and prepare to die.”


Shocked, I had no idea they could so easily and permanently damage something that they couldn’t repair. Leaving me requiring 24-hour care and a death sentence. Seriously? That’s it? That’s the best they had to provide me after their own mistake? Yep. Like most patients, I considered a lawsuit and contacted multiple lawyers, but I was even more shocked and horrified that my chances (in a case like mine) of winning even a single penny or having the doctor’s license revoked were almost zero (and I was unlikely to survive long enough to see the case through to the end). Why? Because the doctor was protected by the western medical system, allowing for significant losses (accidental injury or death of their patients) as a regular part of practicing medicine. Unbelievable. Yet the more I learned and shared my story, the more people I came across who had similar, or even worse, medical mistakes happen to them or their loved ones. I was regularly told, one after another, of people having routine surgery or even taking a prescription medication, who ended up with a life-threatening infection, nerve damage, dislocated joints, internal bleeding, stroke, traumatic brain injury, heart attack, cancer or the sudden death of a loved one. It was more than heartbreaking to realize this had not only happened to me, but it was happening to thousands of people every single day.

In western medicine, doctors and their supporting staff routinely harm or murder their patients on a regular basis. Even in a best-case scenario, in the top hospitals across the United States, almost 50% of surgeries have drug-related errors, and many of those end-up causing harm to a patient. Sadly, most hospitals across the country are not rated in the top ten percent and have far worse records and statistics. That leaves you with less than a 50% chance of experiencing any kind of surgery without a negative medical incident. Less than 50%. Wow. We wouldn’t tolerate a 50% failure rate from our auto mechanic, our roofer or even our local coffee shop. So, why are we tolerating it from our doctors? We shouldn’t be willing to gamble (with less than 50% odds) with the most valuable thing we have, our health.

“We wouldn’t tolerate a 50% failure rate from our auto mechanic, our roofer or even our local coffee shop. So, why are we tolerating it from our doctors?”

Sadly, these horrifying cases are not the exception; as you now know, they are incredibly common and have become the normal and acceptable risk of western medicine. It happened to me, and numerous loved ones. Chances are, you or someone you know, has been negatively affected by western medicine; a wrong diagnosis, incorrect medication, surgical error or even death.

I imagine that most of those precious souls (murdered by western medicine) believed they were doing the “right thing”; trusting that their doctor and the western medical system was there to help them and to cause no harm. I can’t help but wonder what they would tell you today, if they could. Perhaps they too, would love you enough to give you the hard facts, warn you of the dangers and pray that you would use that knowledge to make safer, healthier decisions for yourself.

“Any profession that uses cutting, poisoning and irradiating as a primary means of a “treatment” or “cure”, is to be approached and treated with more than a good dose of caution.”

Any profession that uses cutting, poisoning and irradiating as a primary means of a “treatment” or “cure”, is to be approached and treated with more than a good dose of caution. These extreme measures (that bring additional negative and harmful effects to our bodies) should be used as a last resort, not a first choice. Don’t get me wrong; there’s a time and place for western medicine. Their strength shines in the case of an acute emergency (trauma, the setting of broken bones) and other rare occasions, for which I am deeply grateful. But even traumatic, potentially life-saving medicine comes with the risk of it being life-altering or life-ending and should be weighed very carefully.

Even then, as soon as the initial trauma has been reduced, (and hopefully you live to tell about it) I pray that you return to medical practices that don’t use pharmaceuticals and surgery as a first resort; focusing on giving your amazing body what it needs so it can heal itself and return to true health.

So, how are we not in an uproar about this?! Where are the empty clinics – showing our wisdom of their errors? Why do people continue to return? Do we think there’s no alternative? Think again. There are plenty of phenomenal options available that have been used for thousands of years. Maybe it’s time to open yourself, to taking responsibility for your own health, making informed, educated and deliberate choices every day to further your health and explore the amazing possibilities that await you.

“So, how are we not in an uproar about this?! Where are the empty clinics, showing our wisdom of their errors? Why do people continue to return? Do we think there’s no alternative? Think again.”

Like most here, in the United States, I grew up trusting the practices of western medicine, believing they were to do no harm, and they were there to help us. After seeing the truth first-hand, I slowly opened myself up to other possibilities. It turns out there are a lot of options available, many work so well in the area of prevention that it makes some of western medicine obsolete. Most of what is considered “alternative” medicine has been used for thousands of years. There is little crossover between eastern and western medicine, as they serve very different principals. Western medicine focuses on emergency medicine or using surgery or pharmaceuticals after trauma or long-term illness has already occurred. Eastern medicine focuses on prevention, noticing subtle signs and encouraging the body toward self-repair and health before it becomes traumatic. I wouldn’t call this alternative, I call this the first step toward health. If for some reason, the issue outpaces the body’s ability to correct an imbalance, a logical next step or last resort, would be the extreme measures of western medicine. There is no “us vs. them” scenario here, just recognizing the dangers of extreme measures, using them as a last resort and having an enormous variety of medicine available that focuses on prevention and keeping you in the best health possible.

Trust no one, not even me, and certainly not your doctor. Do your own research on health, medicine, practices and ideas that you haven’t previously considered. Consider the idea that your doctor can do you harm. Yes, it can happen to you. And the more times you trust them with your life, the more likely something will go horribly wrong.

I pay every moment of every day for that doctors mistake; unable to care for myself or even take a shower on my own.  Tragedy and struggle that I wish on no one.  And unless I die from an accident before then, I will pay with my life for trusting western medical doctors. Thankfully I’ve discovered an enormous array of eastern medicine and practices that have helped my body make improvements that the western world agreed were impossible.

And, in case you’re wondering, yes, the doctor who is responsible for permanently damaging me, and whose mistake will eventually take my life, is still practicing medicine and operating on patients today. Perhaps he’s your doctor. Perhaps you’re his next victim. Most victims don’t get the opportunity to tell their story. Most loved ones are never told it was the doctor’s fault. But I’m here, with my arms and heart open, to share wisdom from beyond the grave, after dying and coming back, twice. My motivation is not money, fame or any earthly value. My hope is to impart wisdom, to share truth in the hopes that you can make more informed decisions and I pray above all that you or your loved ones will never have to suffer the way I have due to a medical mistake.

Open your heart and mind to more than what you’ve been told to believe; peak into the bigger picture; the proactive world that awaits you, with open arms. Perhaps you will benefit or even thrive, by taking a proactive approach to your health, moving away from pharmaceutical-driven medicine and toward the direction of true health. Breathe deeper, feel lighter, healthier and more freedom than you even knew was possible. Welcome to a world of enlightenment and healing… body, mind and spirit.






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