Solar Eclipse 2017



A different perspective – experiencing the energy of the eclipse.

The sky is empty and bright, with blue that stretches from edge to edge beyond the tree line. I stand in the meadow at the edge of the forest and slip my shoes from my feet to connect bare skin to raw Earth. Arms wide and chest open, I breathe in sunlight, warmth. I feel golden yellow against my skin, taking in the energy of the sun. Behind me, the forest is awake. Birds, squirrels and creatures talk and move throughout their morning routine.

The eclipse begins, and the moon takes a small, curved bite out of the sun. Subtle at first but slowly apparent, the air grows cool against my skin. Leaves dance quietly in the sudden breeze. Flowers close. Birds, squirrels and creatures hush. I listen for the voice of the owl, who just went to sleep, but even the owl knows this is not night, and makes no sound. Forest activity stops. Quiet. Cold. Still. We all feel it.

The energy of the moon, like the pull of a tide, feels heavy on my legs and feet. Downward energy, connecting me, rooting me to the soil. To the Earth. Energy worthy of notice. The sky grows darker. The forest quieter. Silence.

I turn my back against the powerful alignment in the heavens and see it. Shadows are lessened, barely there. Yet there’s movement. The sun’s energy and light like I’ve never seen. Dancing waves of light all around me. On me. Across the meadow and in the trees. Shimmering waves, as the moon cannot contain the corona. Shadow bands. The most magical light I’ve ever witnessed first hand. It dances and ripples like the waves of the ocean or a single breeze as it ripples through a hay field. But there is no wind, no ocean here, just light. Beautiful dancing light across my skin. My soul smiles and breathes in the magic of this moment.

As the darkness increases the cool air of the forest releases its moisture. Tiny beads of dew cover the leaves and penetrate my skin, leaving goose bumps on my arms and legs.

The downward pull of the Earth on my feet and the upward dancing energy of the heavens balance me internally. I feel the blessings of God’s creation, the power of His energy and the feeding of my soul.

Seemingly faster than it darkened, the moon continues its journey. The sky returns to empty but bright, with me in the meadow, at the edge of the forest, and once again with warm sun on my skin. Grateful for the beautiful energy and magical light.

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