End Times, Magog Invasion & The Tribulation

End Times, Magog Invasion & The Tribulation

Natural Disasters, Politics & the Human Heart


Across the globe, natural disasters are increasing at an unprecedented rate, both in intensity and frequency. For anyone familiar with the Bible, this is not surprising at all, actually, it’s expected. These weather forecasts were written down for us thousands of years ago and include a timetable so we know when and what to look for and what the signs are for.

Politics across the globe have ignited hatred, division, and wars against friends, families, and countries. The human heart is hard, closed and steadfast against God and those who love Him. While screaming “tolerance”, “unity” and “love” they become angry, hostile and violent toward those who actually stand for what they claim, true, unconditional love. True love is shown through open arms (not marches, signs or yelling derogatory comments). True love is unconditional and includes everyone, especially those who adamantly disagree with you. There is no political solution to a spiritual problem.

Are we living in the end times, is this the great tribulation? No. Not yet. As horrific as each of these natural disasters are, what’s to come is far greater. Are we witnessing the end of the world? Not even close. Even the devastation of the tribulation (which lasts for 7 years), will not be the end of the world. There will be a new world and a New Jerusalem only after the 1,000-year reign of Christ on Earth.

When you remove God from your school, your life and your heart someone else takes His place. His name is Satan. We can blame global warming, HAARP (for messing with the weather), CERN (for opening satanic gateways), or a medley of others to justify the state of the world (which they are probably influencing), yet at the core, it’s the state of the human heart, a hardening toward God (and a turning toward Satan and his deceptions), that has set in motion these horrific events and their inevitable consequences.

A Loving God Gives You A Choice

Like a loving father to a rebellious child, God has waited patiently, lovingly, longing for you to know Him. He’s sent messengers to you to tell you, guild you show you He’s here, with arms open, loving you even while you rebel against Him. He loves you enough to give you free will, to decide for yourself, and it breaks His heart to see you not only choose the path of Satan but to give God the finger every chance you get. This is not God’s doing but a result of personal choice; choosing to live without God in your life.

To Love God Or Not To Love Him – You Get What You Choose

The natural disasters, the political unrest and so much more, are all warning signs (given to you in God’s word, The Bible) as fulfilled prophecy, a sign of even more events to come, and chance after chance for you to accept God as your savior before it’s too late. What will it take for you to see that God is real? Thousands of fulfilled prophecies? Signs in the stars? Earthquakes? Tribulation? People to share with you, offering to help you along your journey? You have all these things and so much more.

My heart is so full of love for you. I pray from the deepest part of my soul, that you will accept Jesus as your personal savior and begin your beautiful journey together, from now through eternity in Heaven.

Can We Know?

God is not in the habit of completely blindsiding us with a surprise event, especially one as important as His coming. The Old Testament tells of numerous prophecies that lead up to Christ’s birth, including the time, location and reason for His coming. It’s not surprising that the New Testament does the same thing for us, regarding His second coming and the events that will occur leading up to His return.

God tells us (in Daniel 9) that we are to know and discern, that from Daniel’s time to Jesus’ birth, there will be 483 years (70 “weeks” = 7×70 minus 7 years). God uses this (among hundreds of other prophecies) to let us know when and where He is coming. This is God’s pattern of not wanting us to be surprised, but to be ready.

1 Thessalonians 5:1-10 “… the day of the Lord will come just like a thief in the night… But you, brethren, are not in darkness, that the day would overtake you like a thief… so let us not sleep as others do, but let us be alert and sober.”

1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 “… we do not want you to be uninformed… so that you will not grieve as do the rest who have no hope”

Revelation 3: 3 “… if you do not wake up (or watch), I will come like a thief, and you will not know at what hour I will come to you”.

Amos 3:7 “Surely the Lord God does nothing unless He reveals His secret counsel to His servants the prophets.”

Titus: 2:13 “Looking for that blessed hope and the appearing of the glory of our God and Savior, Jesus Christ”

God's Prophetic Timeline

God’s Prophetic Timeline The order of events that will take place.

  • Rapture – Removal to Heaven of those who know God as their personal savior, those who believe Jesus is the son of God and that He died as payment for our sins and rose again.
  • Magog Invasion –
  • Seven Year Peace Agreement signed between the Israelis and the Palestinians.
  • Seven Years of The Tribulation (described in Revelation)

Magog Invasion

At the moment of this invasion, all of the nations aligning with Magog (Russia) are Muslim, who share a united and intense hatred toward Israel. This dynamic, its nature and depth are made more clear the further we understand Islam. The rapid growth of Islam across the globe is an example of the beginning of this invasion and steps toward its inevitable occurrence.

Rebuilding The Sacred Vessels

There is a group called The Temple Institute who is actively acquiring and building each of the sacred vessels needed to perform ceremonies in the Third Temple. In the Bible, God gives very detailed instructions on the exact specifications of each piece to be used for His sanctuary. These details are recorded in the book of Exodus, chapters 25-40. To date, The Temple Institute has either acquired or re-created more than 70 objects necessary for ceremonial purposes, including the Holy Altar, the Ark of The Covenant, the Gold-Plated Shofar, The Silver Trumpets, The weaving of the Sacred Ephod (the garment for the High Priest – with the Remembrance Stones and breastplate), the Incense Altar, and so much more. They’ve also drawn up architectural plans for the construction of the Third Temple and they’re even raising the sacred red heifers needed for ceremonial purposes.

What an exciting time to be alive and see these things come into existence! I’m absolutely thrilled to witness the Old Testament literally come to life. The Old Testament is not an old story that has nothing to do with us, this is happening now, and it affects our future as well. We should all be watching intensely. I can’t help but get goosebumps as I read Exodus and study the photos of the actual sacred vessels online today. Absolutely amazing! Read it for yourself and check the website as new pieces are completed as we prepare for the Third Temple.

View The Sacred Vessels Exodus 25-31

Detailed blueprints for the…

Ark of the Covenant Exodus 25:10-22

Table of Showbread Exodus 25:32-30

The Golden Lampstand Exodus 25:31-40

Curtains of Linen Exodus 26:1-6

Curtains of Goat’s Hair Exodus 26:7-14

Boards and Sockets Exodus 26:15-30

The Veil and Screen Exodus 26:31-37

The Bronze Altar Exodus 27:1-8

Court of the Tabernacle Exodus 27:9-21

Garments of the Priests Exodus 28:1-43

The Altar of Incense Exodus 30:1-21

The Skilled Craftsmen Exodus 31:1-11

Then, just as today, the sacred vessels are made through the contributions of those whose hearts are moved, and feel led to give to the Lord.

Contributions Made Exodus 35:20-35

The Tabernacle Built Exodus 36-40

The Priestly Garments Made Exodus 39:1-34

The Glory of The Lord filled the Tabernacle Exodus 40:34-38



Rebuilding The Temple

The rebuilding of the Third Jewish Temple in Jerusalem can happen at any time. God doesn’t specify when construction begins. But we do know that by the middle of the Great Tribulation (3 ½ years after the signing of the Peace Agreement), the Jews will be making sacrifices on the Temple Mount. Therefore, the Temple will be completed sometime before that. It’s possible the Temple may be built now, or it may begin construction immediately after the signing of the Peace Agreement. Either way, this is a key piece that must be fulfilled before Christ’s return.

There is a group called The Temple Institute who is actively working to build the Third Temple in Jerusalem.  It may surprise you that it’s not just the Jews funding and working toward building the Third Temple.  Jews, Christians, and even world leaders, members of the Illuminati, are working to see this come to completion in the near future.

The Old Testament is not an old story that has nothing to do with us, this is happening now.   No matter your religion or worldview, the events that are unfolding around Jerusalem will affect everyone.  We should all be watching intensely.

Where Will The Temple Be Built?

Most people believe the Third Temple must be built in the same location as the Dome of the Rock (one of Islam’s most sacred sites – it’s the rock on which Mohammed stood before he supposedly went to heaven). Thankfully, this isn’t the case. According to the Bible, the Temple probably never stood on that exact location, but a short distance to the South, in the city of David. Not only that, but the West Wall was never part of the second Temple either because as Jesus came out from the Temple He prophecied (in Matthew 24:1-2) that “not one stone here will be left upon another”. This occurred in 70AD by the Romans, where even the foundation stones were dug up and removed. (The West Wall is probably the remains of a Roman fort occupied by the Tenth Legion).

The City of David

There are many Bible verses that tell us the Temple was built in the City of David (which does not include the area where the Dome of the Rock stands). We know (in 2 Samuel 5:7) that the City of David is also known as Zion, “David captured the stronghold of Zion, that is the city of David.” God tells us again (in Joel 3:17) about the location being Zion, “I am the Lord your God dwelling in Zion, My holy mountain” And we know that God refers to His holy mountain as His Temple, “Even those I will bring to My holy mountain and make them joyful in My house of prayer. Their burnt offerings and their sacrifices will be acceptable on My altar, for My house will be called a house of prayer for all the peoples.” (Isaiah 56:7).

Third Jewish Temple - In The City of David

The Gihon Spring

Throughout history, it’s been known that the Jewish priests ritually washed in the Gihon Spring before entering the Temple. If so, then why would they walk nearly a quarter mile (on a dusty road) to the Temple Mount? They wouldn’t. The temple must have been built next to the Gihon Spring. We know the temple was built on the threshing floor that David purchased, “Then Solomon began to build the house of the Lord (the Temple)… at the place that David had prepared on the threshing floor of Ornan the Jebusite.” We know the threshing floor was next to the Gihon Spring.

In 2 Chronicles 3:1 we gather even more detail, “Then Solomon began to build the house of the Lord (the Temple) in Jerusalem on Mount Moriah… ” We know that Zion is situated on the southern slope of Mount Moriah, just above the Gihon Spring, before David captured it and renamed it the City of David.

Third Jewish Temple - In The City of David



Without disrupting the Dome of the Rock, we now have the opportunity to begin building the Third Temple at any moment. Mark Blitz, author of “God’s Day Timer” states, “All that is really needed is an altar and the political will of the Israeli government to have a greater fear of heaven than of man. We are definitely living in Messianic times!”

We live in exciting times and can watch Biblical events unfold all around us. I pray you’re ready, watching and waiting just as I am.


Want to dig deeper? Here’s an in-depth look at where the Third Temple might be built.

Where Will The Third Temple Be Built? (An in-depth look)



Genetic DNA

For the first time in 2,000 years, the Kohanim (a group of Jewish priests) and the Nascent Sanhedrin are looking to appoint the next High Priest (the only one able to enter the Holy of Holies – inside the Temple). The Temple requires a priesthood, and the priesthood requires a high priest. It wasn’t until more recent years that technology allowed us to trace our bloodlines through DNA. This breakthrough is being used to trace the genetic code of individual prospects for the office of High Priest. This is crucial, as the High Priest must be of the bloodline of Aaron (the brother of Moses) who was the first High Priest of Israel. With the development of DNA analysis, scientists were able to identify the “priestly gene” (a genetic code carried by the sons of Aaron that goes back 3,000 years) and now the descendants of Aaron can be identified. In 2016 the Temple institute created a registry for potential priests who are of the Aaronic bloodline and established a school for educating men of the priestly duties of Temple service.

In August of 2016, the Nascent Sanhedrin recommended Rabbi Baruch Kahane to become the High Priest. If appointed, he will be the first High Priest Israel has appointed since 70AD. Rabbi Kahane is preparing for service and acknowledges that when the political conditions change and the Jews have access to the altar, Temple services will begin in less than one week. Rabbi Hillel Weiss (spokesman for the Nascent Sanhedrin, explains, “The only obstacle preventing the Temple service today is the political issue. If that should suddenly change, as it very well could, we would be required to begin the Temple service immediately. It is, therefore, necessary that we have a candidate prepared to fill the role of the High Priest, especially now that we have kohanim (a priest from the Aaronic priesthood) prepared to serve in the Temple.”

High Priest Israel 2017

Beyond priests, there are further uses of DNA analysis. According to Jewish tradition, during the 2,000 years (from the time of the commandment, in Numbers 19:2, until the destruction of the Second Temple, in 70AD) only nine red heifer cows that met the Biblical criteria were ever found. They’re so rare, it’s a little like finding a needle in a haystack. After many years of not seeing one on the Earth, a red heifer (that seemed to meet the requirements) was born in 2014. Since then, scientists and breeders are working to ensure more of these rare cows will be available at the appointed time, for the Third Temple.


The Tribulation

The signing of the Peace Agreement is the first day of the Tribulation, that will last seven years.

The Great Tribulation

The second half of the Tribulation (the final 3 1/2 years) is known as the Great Tribulation because it’s so much worse than the first half.


The Bible is unclear on whether the rapture is before, during or after the tribulation. While you can make a Biblical case for each of these, there is very little to support a mid-tribulation rapture, therefore I believe it’s the least likely scenario. Many verses can be used to support either a pre-tribulation or post-tribulation rapture, making it difficult to take a hard stand on either. Personally, I hope for the best (a pre-tribulation rapture) but plan for the worst (a post-tribulation rapture). I believe there is slightly stronger evidence toward a pre-tribulation rapture, God’s blessing of removing His believers from the Earth before dealing with those who will get what they’re asking for, life and death separated from God. Yet even with this hope, I won’t panic if I see the signing of the Peace Agreement as we enter the Great Tribulation. God has me covered either way.


The coming one world dictator. There are more than 50 prophecies that describe the characteristics of the Antichrist so we can recognize him, and never pledge any allegiance to him.

  • Jewish (at least a little) enough for the Jews to accept him as their savior.
  • Assyrian or Levite (at least a little) enough for the Muslims to accept him as Mahdi (the redeemer of Islam who will rule for seven years, until the Day of Judgement when he will violently rid the world of evil).  It’s chilling to note the many parallels between the Biblical Antichrist and the Mahdi of Islam, like his characteristics, the seven-year covenant, and establishing a one-world religion. Muslim fundamentalists also refer to Jews and Christians as “pigs” and “dogs” who must either convert to Islam or be eliminated.  Bible prophecy makes it clear that the Antichrist will wage war against the Jews and Christians, targeting them for destruction and execution.  Eerily, the Hadiths (the account of the Islamic prophet Muhammad) states that the Mahdi will be from the bloodline of Aaron (the brother of Moses).  The more I learn about the Mahdi the more he looks exactly like the Antichrist of the Bible.
  • The most powerful European politician He signs the Seven Year Peace Agreement between the Israelis and the Palestinians.
  • Originates from the reborn Holy Roman Empire (currently Europe) (and possibly within the European Union)
  • Will eventually rule the global government on Earth Beginning with the European Union he will work toward more power of the state, opening borders and eventually uniting to one world government.
  • At the middle of the tribulation, the Antichrist will be revealed to everyone (3 ½ years after the signing of the Peace Agreement); the Antichrist will stand in the rebuilt temple in Jerusalem and proclaim himself to be God. (This is called the Abomination of Desolation.)

False Prophet

John 5:43 – you receive me not. If another comes in his own name and you will receive him.

The Seven Feasts of Israel

The Seven Feasts of Israel.

The Seven Feasts Of Israel

My Prayer and Hope

This is my prayer for you… people get ready, Jesus is coming, soon we’ll be going home. May your heart be encouraged, know God, and greatly look forward to our eternity in Heaven. Please let these words and this music speak to your soul. Amen and amen.

What To Do If You Miss The Rapture

The most important thing to do is DON’T take the mark of the beast. And DO accept Jesus Christ as your personal savior. Unfortunately, if you missed the rapture, you’re probably already going through the Tribulation. The bad news is that this time is so horrible that you will (at least physically) probably suffer greatly. The potentially good news is that the time of tremendous suffering will be, at the longest, only seven years.

What To Do If You Miss The Rapture?



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