Leaving Wisdom & Encouragement For You

Leaving Wisdom & Encouragement For You


 Increasing Awareness, Increasing Health

The Future of Medicine Is Energy

As someone who studied medicine and went to college to become an orthopedic surgeon, you might be surprised (as much as I was) to discover what true health actually is and the many ways we can increase it.

After a horrible accident by my western medical doctor (during a routine surgery), my life instantly ceased to exist the way I had previously known it. I had no idea that doctors could so easily (and frequently) create such severe damage that it’s considered “permanent, progressive with no cure or treatment”. I was told by more than 12 specialists (from all over the world) that there was nothing they could do, today would be my best day (I was bedridden) and I should go home, write my will and prepare for death. By 2014 I had only a 50% chance of survival and as of April 2017 I’m living in what Western Medicine considered “statistically zero” chance of being alive. And in many ways, I’m thriving.

After completely exhausting Western Medicine, the only form of medicine I knew, I felt an overwhelming letdown, disappointment, unbelief that this could even happen, and I slowly learned I wasn’t the only one. Not even close. I started hearing first-hand accounts of others suffering from accidents on the operating table, overdoses, administration of the wrong medication, cancer caused from unnecessary medication, or even the death of a loved one caused by the hands of western medical doctors. Many of these cases are from routine surgery (something few of us give much thought about) but who wake up with permanent disabilities or don’t wake up at all. I had no idea this was happening all around me. As the years passed, more and more people shared their stories with me and I was more and more shocked at how common this has become. Absolutely shocked, I came to understand that in the United States you’re more likely to die from a medical accident than from cancer or a heart attack.

Statistics – Leading Cause of Death



How Do We Not Know The Dangers of Western Medicine?!

How do people not know this?! How did I not know? Why didn’t someone tell me the dangers? The risks? Why didn’t I know that surgery in the United States has greater than a 50% chance of complications? We wouldn’t accept those kinds of odds from our local coffee shop. Why are we blindly trusting a system that is clearly harming, failing and killing us? And once they cause an accident, they’re not always able to fix it. You’re left to live the rest of your life suffering the consequences of their mistake, while they continue to practice on the next victims in their waiting rooms.

I was determined not to die. My ever-hopeful (glass is half full) attitude, led me to believe there had to be something we could do. I wasn’t about to lay here and do nothing as we watched my body and organs slowly deteriorate. Out of desperation, I opened the tiny door to the possibility that eastern medicine or alternative practices might not be completely useless. Growing up with conventional medicine as the only way, and studying Western Medicine for years, I was confident that eastern medicine had nothing to provide me, but I had to try it anyway. Even if it was just to say I told you so.

My first attempt with eastern medicine began with acupuncture. I was driven by desperation but filled with reluctance, disbelief, fear (of needles) and the overwhelming feeling that this wasn’t going to work. After 20 minutes of my first treatment, I showed visible improvement. No cure or miracle, but a small yet very noticeable improvement; more than what my western doctors had given me in years. Still skeptical, but desiring more, this began my weekly sessions, which branched out into numerous practices that all continue to help me.

This journey, though challenging, has opened me to the tremendous help and benefits of so many practices I had never known before. As I discover the numerous benefits of each practice I can’t help but stand here with my mouth open, shocked at how well these modalities work and more shocking, I wonder, “How do people not know about this?!”

The past, present, and future of medicine is energy.

What Does True Health Even Look Like? What’s the difference between Western and Eastern medicine?

A fisherman spends his days in the ocean understanding the currents, the temperature of the water, and the restlessness of the waves. Over a lifetime, he learns the habits, preferences, idiosyncrasies of his catch. He already knows if it swims alone or in a school; acts as predator or prey; migrates with the changing seasons or stays in local waters. The fisherman and fish have a living, dynamic relationship because they share the same home. Like family, what affects the fish will affect the fisherman.

The fishmonger, on the other hand, lives in an environment far removed from the coastal depths or briny shores. His workplace is one of sterility and smelling of chemical disinfectant. He wears a white smock often bearing a sharp knife. His understanding of fish anatomy is quite detailed and he can deconstruct one readily. The fish who arrive in his clutches are already dead or dying so he has little or no interest in how they swim, play, or interact. He’s likely never seen one vibrantly alive.

So what’s the difference between Western and Eastern medicine? What’s the difference between fishermen and fishmongers? The space from which they work. One understands it, the other lives it. The distance between saying words and actually understanding is huge. It’s quite literally an ocean apart.”

– Dr. Emill Kim

The Future Of Medicine Is Energy

Leaving Wisdom & Encouragement For You. 

As I lay in my bed, under hospice care, I can’t help but reflect on my life and all the amazing, beautiful and precious lessons I’ve learned along this journey. Most importantly, my relationship with God and how that’s grown exponentially as my body continues to weaken. For my beloved husband, Todd, I can’t begin to put into words the strong, wise, honorable and loving man that you are and how you continuously found ways to bless me beyond imagination, making me the most blessed woman in the world. I’m deeply humbled and honored that God chose you for my life.  You are by far, the greatest man I’ve ever been blessed to know and the greatest gift I’ve ever received.

Through decades of tremendous suffering, I’ve received the blessing of discovering a world full of options I previously didn’t know existed. I leave this list here for my beloved friends, family and anyone else who is willing to discover the array of possibilities that await you, far beyond what we’ve been taught to believe through conventional, western medicine. There are far more options available to you! Instead of waiting until our health requires the urgent use of pharmaceuticals or surgery, we can be proactive, taking daily steps toward a new level of health and vibrancy that we didn’t even know existed! All we have to do is open our hearts, seek truth, and God will provide for us along every step of our journey. I have been blessed beyond this world and I pray you will be too.

I Wish I Had Known… 

The following is a list of practices and ideas I wish I had known many years ago; even as a child, many of these could have prevented so much unnecessary suffering in my life. I pray these ideas will encourage you to explore them (and more), discover new options you may not be aware of, and decide for yourself if any of them are beneficial for you. May you be blessed as you open yourself to new, and amazing possibilities.  


For What Ails You... from cavities to cancer we were created to heal

Our bodies were beautifully created to recognize, reverse and heal…. from broken bones and cavities to cancer. Yep! We are amazing beings, precisely designed to thrive in balance and health. But sadly, we live in a world of chaos and lies. When something in our body becomes imbalanced we’re prone to poor health, disease and any number of illnesses or issues (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually). Thankfully, there are so many proactive things we can do to help our bodies recognize, reverse and even heal again.

I don’t know your specific body or its exact needs at this moment, nor am I a physician. All I can offer is my personal experience and the experiences of other first-hand accounts of what has and continues to help us. I always recommend speaking with your Naturopath or another eastern medicine practitioner to know what’s best for you and your needs, at this moment. The following are just a few ideas to get you started along your path of discovery.

Sprain / Strain / Torn Tendon / Ligament / Muscle

  • An Hao Poultice – apply to the area at least twice a day.
  • Arnica cream (organic) – apply to the area as needed.


  • PEMF Therapy – 20 minutes at 200, as needed.
  • Arnica cream (organic)
  • Peppermint oil (organic)
  • Hot/Cold Treatment – Moist heat on your feet, and a soft ice pack(s) on your head. Migraines are a blood vessel issue. By reducing the size of the blood vessels in your head (through cold) and encouraging blood flow to your feet (through heat) we can reduce a migraine.


  • Cancer typically kills a person in three ways: pressing on vital organs (until they don’t have room to work or survive), toxin accumulation (unable to adequately process toxins through the liver) or malnutrition (due to cancer cells using up the nutrients your organs need to survive). By feeding the body high nutrients, and helping the liver flush out toxins we increase our chance of completely healing from cancer.
  • IV Therapy – for increasing vital nutrients to your organs, including high dose Vitamin C (known to help fight cancer)
  • Gerson Institute Protocols – Change your diet to all organic, whole foods (I, personally include lean meats, but that’s up to you to figure out what works best for your body), juicing (fresh-pressed, organic juices) daily and coffee enemas (to help your liver flush out toxins).



The most important thing I can leave you is the encouragement to know God as your personal savior. Honestly, nothing else will ever come close to the importance of where you spend eternity.

Do You Know God Personally?

Did you know, you can have a personal relationship with God? As humans, we are born sinners. No amount of good works will ever save us. Fortunately, salvation is a free gift from God. If we sincerely believe in God as our Savior, knowing He died for our sins and was raised from the dead as the penalty for our sins, we will be saved. Yes, it’s really that simple.

“Dear God, I am a sinner, I need a savior. Please forgive me of my sins. I believe you sent your son, Jesus, to die for my sins and I thank you. I believe Jesus rose from the dead and is in Heaven today. I accept you as my Lord and Savior and thank you for the gift of salvation. Amen.”

If you’ve accepted God’s invitation, the best way to nurture your new relationship with God is to read His word, the Bible.


Through the Bible in a Year… Every Year

Do you need to attend church? How do you choose a church? What about Hell? Is the end of the world really coming? All great questions, and yes, it’s all in the Bible.

Don’t be confused by what others say the Bible says, know it for a fact. The best way to know the answers are to read them for yourself. Bits and pieces make more sense when they’re put into context. Yes, I’m suggesting you read the entire Bible, cover to cover. It’s not as overwhelming as you might think. If you read a small portion each day, you can read through the Bible in a year.

Now, the real challenge, continue to read through the Bible EVERY year! Your life will be changed and blessed for it… God guarantees it.


 Live It!

The book of Proverbs was written by King Solomon, the wisest man who ever lived.  What better place for us to gain insight and wisdom?

There are 31 chapters in Proverbs.  Find the chapter that matches today’s date (ie. 14th of the month = chapter 14) now, read any, one verse from that chapter and put it into practice today.

There’s one chapter for each day of the month and enough verses to keep this going for over two years.

Finished?  Excellent!  Now begin again.  God will find new ways to continue blessing your life as you spend time in His word and putting it into action.




Spiritual Enlightenment



The past, present and future of medicine is energy. Everything around us, in us, and our universe is made of energy.  If we take a closer look, we know our bodies are made up of cells, cells are made of molecules and molecules are made of atoms. Looking closer, we see the energy of subatomic particles (like electrons and protons) all swirling and moving. In the vast distance between each spinning electron is space. More than 99% of an atom is space. Space for energy to move. All of this, all of us, comes down to energy, a constant vibration of dynamic, moving energy. Every part of us, from our skin and eyes to our brain and organs, at their basic level, are all energy.
The Future Of Medicine Is Energy


Though we’ve known this for thousands of years, Western Medicine is finally recognizing some of this, beginning with the most obvious, like the electrical impulses of our heart, and the energetic synapses in our brain. This is only the beginning of them finally discovering what millions of people have known for thousands of years. The past, present, and future of medicine is energy. The sooner we, as individuals, become aware of this, the sooner we can tap into it and use it proactively to increase our health.



You always have a choice.  And that choice is yours alone.  There are a tremendous amount of options available to you, far more than your Western doctor will ever tell you. You’re never obligated to do anything your doctor says you “need to” or “have to” do. That choice is ultimately up to you. It may surprise you that you have the power to say “no”. You’re only seeking their opinion, not your destiny.

What we don’t know can kill us.  Seek awareness that leads to knowledge, to gain the wisdom to make the most informed decisions you can about your own health.

You (not your doctor) are responsible for your daily health. It may surprise you that your doctor doesn’t know everything. They’re just winging it like everyone else. They’re stressed with work, family and debt, just trying to get through another day of work, like everyone else, so they can get home to their screaming kids and try to get away on the weekends. They’re just regular people doing what most people do. They have frustration, anger and bad days probably as often as you do.

No matter who you get your advice from, it’s completely up to you to choose to do it or not. You are the only one who knows you the very best. Listen to your inner voice and connect deeply with yourself and to God.

Health does not occur overnight. Health is the accumulation of what we do, think and believe every minute of every day.  Only you have the power to change the multitude of these little decisions that shape the direction of your health. This is true for your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health. Outside of horrific accidents or acute trauma, it’s our daily choices that determine our overall direction.


Contrary to popular belief, Eastern and Western Medicine are not an all-or-nothing proposition, in fact, they can (and should) be used together, each for their own strengths.  Most importantly, we should know when and how to use them.

Eastern Medicine is the first step.

Eastern Medicine for daily care & prevention.

As a general rule, Eastern Medicine focuses proactively on true health (thriving, not just surviving), and the prevention of disease or imbalance in our systems as a whole (including the mind, body, and spirit). Their methods include a vast array of options that have been in practice for hundreds (and in some cases, thousands) of years.  Their methods are inclusive and always consider numerous other options.  This health-building practice should be used as part of our daily living.

Western Medicine focuses reactively after the onset of extreme disease through the process of segregation (without consideration of integrated parts).  Their methods are extreme measures (with extreme risks) using only two tools at their disposal, pharmaceuticals or surgery (which also includes pharmaceuticals).  Their thought process is exclusive and refuses to consider any other options.  Certainly in the case of an acute emergency (car accident, etc.) is where western medicine shines, although many Americans use western medicine as our first, and often, our only method of caring for our health.  Any profession that uses cutting, poisoning or irradiation as a primary means of “treatment” or “cure” should be approached with more than a good dose of caution.  This extreme practice should be used as a last resort.
Western Medicine as as last resort

Western Medicine as a last resort.

My hope is to see a much more integrated approach to health, where we use both of these practices for their strengths.


If you haven’t discovered the absolutely fascinating world of quantum physics, you probably should. Quantum Physics is the study of the nature and behavior of matter and energy at their smallest levels, including atoms and subatomic particles. Why should you care? Because everything, including our bodies, thoughts and the universe, are all made of energy. When we have a better understanding of energy, we have a better understanding of everything, including ourselves.

We are more than the particles that form us. We are energy. Beautiful, dynamic, constantly changing energy, created by God with intention and purpose. Through quantum physics, we learn how energy is influenced by other energy, including the energy of observation or thought. Our thoughts and intentions are energy. Actual, real energy with the power to influence the energy of other particles.

Here’s a very basic introduction to quantum physics, to get you started on this beautiful journey toward understanding the power of your own thoughts, intentions, and energy. May you be encouraged and inspired.



Move as best you can, preferably outside (and if possible, away from city pollution). While weightlifting and aerobic exercises are fabulous, I also highly recommend Qi Gong. There is a much deeper energy and healing that occurs than it first appears. As you practice and learn to use your breath, you’ll receive more and more benefits from Qi Gong.


Eliminate toxins from your diet (as much as possible). Sadly, some of the biggest toxins are found in food. As much as possible eat only organic, unprocessed foods. Especially in the beginning of treatment, don’t eat anything that has a label on it. Consume tons of vegetables (and much of that should be leafy greens). If you do eat food with some processing (that contains a label), read all ingredient lists carefully. If in doubt, don’t consume it. One way we add greens is a smoothie every morning (for 1st breakfast). (Followed throughout the day by the juices from the Gerson Therapy).


Reduce toxins from your diet (as much as possible). Sadly, some of the biggest toxins are found in food. As much as possible eat only organic, unprocessed foods. Especially, in the beginning of treatment, don’t eat anything that has a label on it. Consume tons of vegetables (and much of that should be leafy greens). If you do eat food with some processing (that contains a label), read all ingredient lists carefully. If in doubt, don’t consume it. One way we add greens is a smoothie every morning (for 1st breakfast). (Followed throughout the day by the juices from the Gerson Therapy).


Becoming mindful of your daily routine for body, skin, and hair.

Skin is such an efficient form of transmission, that transdermal applications are used by pharmaceutical companies (through patches, gels, etc.) for everything from birth control to pain medication, hormone replacement, nicotine patches and more.

We all know our skin is absorbent, so it shouldn’t surprise us that what we put on our skin is just as important as what we ingest. Your skin is the largest organ of your body and it absorbs (often straight into your bloodstream) far more than we realize. A study in the American Journal of Public Health showed that, on average, skin absorbs 64% of the total permeable contaminants it contacts. Faces, underarms, scalps and other more sensitive areas absorb nearly 100%. What we use on our skin ends up in our blood, bodies, organs, and lymphatic systems, in much greater doses than we realize.

Sadly, the majority of our mainstream hair, skin and beauty products are overflowing with a cocktail of irritants, allergens, preservatives, chemicals, and known carcinogens; potentially causing a disruption in hormone function, nervous system disorders, asthma, lung damage, brain damage, severe allergic reactions or even cause cancer. The list of adverse effects is even longer than the list of toxic chemicals we can find in our products.

26 seconds for chemicals to reach your bloodstream

So what do we do about it? Like most growth, we begin with awareness. Don’t be fooled by advertisements, or packaging, always check the ingredient list. While “natural” or “organic” alternatives are almost always an improvement, don’t let “green” labels lull you into safety, they too can contain ingredients you may not want in your body. No matter the product, always check the ingredients and search for a less toxic option.

A few products to consider (check the ingredient list and search for a less toxic option)…


Body Wash

Body Lotion/Hand Cream


Shaving Cream




Hand Cream

Foot Cream

Bath Oils/Salts/Soaks/Bubble Bath

Baby Oil

Sunless Tanning/Tanning Oil

Teeth Whitening Products

Hand Sanitizer

Nail Polish




Facial Cleanser

Acne Treatment

Pore Strips

Face Masks

Facial Moisturizer

Eye Cream



Eye Liner

Eye Shadow




Makeup Remover


Lipstick/Lip Gloss/Lip Balm

Lip Liner




Hair Gel/Hair Spray/Mousse


Hair Color/Hair Dye

Hair Relaxer

26 seconds for chemicals to reach your bloodstream



More than 75% of American women color their hair. This was one of my personal splurges within my relatively organic lifestyle. My precious salon time, with vibrant color, was sacred. Even though I knew the risks, I tolerated them for years, believing that the more natural alternatives just didn’t work, or it meant I had to do my own hair at home, forgoing my beloved salon days. I was wrong. Today, there are many salons that specialize in natural or organic hair color systems. Not only can we still enjoy our salon days, but we can now do it without as many toxins (on our hair, scalp or breathing in hours of it through the air). We can reduce our chemical exposure by finding a much less toxic version. I was skeptical too, but you might be surprised at how well these less toxic versions work and how much healthier your hair looks and feels.

With just a change of products, you’re not absorbing the massive dose of toxins and harsh chemicals through your hair follicles, scalp or breathing them into your precious lungs – not just you, but your wonderful stylist too (along with the environment). Ask your stylist about an organic alternative, who knows, they may even thank you – remember they’re breathing in all those harmful toxins too, all day long! And for those who prefer to do-it-yourself, not to worry, there are many brands to choose from. But do they work?! Absolutely. Finding your specific color, salon or stylist is deeply personal, so (just like your traditional options) it may take a little trial and error, but fewer toxins, healthier hair and a healthier you could be right at your fingertips! Give it a try.

The Environmental Working Group found that 69% of hair-dye products they tested for their “Skin Deep” database may pose cancer risks. Just a few of the chemical toxins to watch out for include…

26 seconds for chemicals to reach your bloodstream
P-phenylenediamine (PPD) Probably the worst offender. A petroleum-derived chemical (that includes benzene, naphthalete, phenols, aniline) a respiratory and dermal toxicant, frequently contaminated with heavy metals, and is known to lead to cancer.

Para-toluenediamine sulfate (PTDS)Because PPD’s have earned such a bad reputation many companies have replaced PPD’s with PTDS, but don’t be fooled – they can cause many of the same harmful effects.  

Parabens, Methylparaben, Propylparaben – Toxic preservatives that easily penetrates your skin. The European Commission on Endocrine Disruption lists parabens as a Category 1 priority substance because of their tremendous interference with hormone function immune function, the central nervous system and their connection to cancer.

Phenoxyethanol – Because parabens have earned such a bad reputation many companies have replaced parabens with phenoxyethanol, but don’t be fooled – it has many of the same harmful effects.

DMDM Hydantoin, Formaldehyde, Quarternium-15, 18 or 26, Butylated Hydroxytoluene (BHUT), Diazolidinyl Urea, Imidazolidinyl Urea Preservatives that slowly releases the toxic formaldehyde chemical, known to interrupt our endocrine system, and lead to cancer.

AmmoniaWe’ve all smelled ammonia as we walk into any traditional salon, but did you know it can not only irritate but can burn your scalp, skin, and lungs?  According to the ATSDR (Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry), Ammonia can also cause swelling and airway destruction resulting in respiratory distress or respiratory failure.

As you begin your new quest, note, that even in a “natural” brand, a permanent hair color tends to have more chemicals than a less permanent option. Also, the darker the dye color, the more chemicals it contains. And no matter how organic or the reduction of toxins, all hair color contains some level of coloring agent (that’s why we do it) so if you’re looking to avoid toxins altogether (at least from this source) than not coloring your hair at all is probably the best decision. For me, I love that added pop of color and choose to do it as consciously as possible, with the least amount of toxins I can. Enjoy your journey as you discover the beautiful colors and options available to you!

I provide this basic information not to create fear, but to empower you. Being aware, informed and educated about what you’re putting into your body (as it seeps into your scalp, bloodstream, and organs) while wisely choosing products with fewer chemicals may literally do wonders for your health.


Here are a few ideas to get you started, research for yourself the best products for you as there are plenty more options available.




Permanent color available through a Professional Salon, offering a blend of organic ingredients to fortify your hair for a healthier boost of color. Each of their 75 colors provides extra conditioning through jojoba oil and other natural elements. Each shade can be different, so be sure to check it yourself, but I found that most of their colors are 100% free of Ammonia, Lauryl Sulfate or Parabens and are 98% derived from natural sources.


Tints of Nature



Offering both permanent and semi-permanent colors (for use at home), in shades that can be custom-mixed and colors that fade in a way that replicates natural color. Gentle, natural ingredients nourish and protect hair, leaving happy, silky and glossy hair. Each shade can be different, so be sure to check it yourself, but I found that the semi-permanent colors contain up to 65% certified organic ingredients, with no ammonia, no parabens, no resorcinol, no peroxide, no PPDs or PTDs.

Tints of Nature

Organic Color Systems

Wouldn’t it be nice to spend time in a salon that didn’t smell of harsh chemicals and ammonia?  Though the name may be misleading (as their products are not all organic) they do offer an array of permanent and semi-permanent colors that keep the chemical footprint very low and their Natural Shades are 100% PPD and PTD free. Available in the salon, or semi-permanent colors may be purchased from your stylist for an at-home color.


Organic Color Systems


Reduce toxins from your environment (as much as possible). Read all labels and replace products with safer, organic versions. Start with what touches you and what you breathe. Laundry detergent, nail polish, makeup, household cleaners. For example, I stopped having acrylic nails, and only use nail polish occasionally. I stopped using laundry detergent and switched to Crystal Wash (laundry balls). http://www.crystalwash.com I stopped using household cleaners and use steam cleaners instead.


In with the good, out with the bad.


Put coffee, where? Drink coffee through your bum?! Yep! If it didn’t have the power to help your entire body – in nearly miraculously ways – trust me, I wouldn’t be telling you about it. And I certainly wouldn’t admit that I’ve done it too. But yes, it can be that dramatic for your health. It’s been so miraculous for me, that I’m willing to tell you all about it.
Coffee Enema 03 - Coffee WEB


We live in a toxic world. Everything from the food we eat to the air we breathe are all opportunities for toxins to enter our bodies. By the time we get sick or begin to fight a chronic issue, we’re probably far beyond a little toxic. Our liver must process all these toxins, but when our toxic intake is faster than our liver is functioning (or if our liver is compromised in any way) we accumulate more and more toxins in our liver, organs, blood, and body.


The main purpose of a coffee enema is to remove toxins accumulated in the liver and to remove free radicals from the bloodstream. Unlike other enemas, coffee enemas are NOT about clearing out the colon, it’s about restoring the liver and encouraging detoxification for the body. Coffee enemas have been used for thousands of years, as far back as 1500AD, and are the most effective way to detoxify the liver (our primary organ for filtering out toxins).


While detoxifying is the primary goal, there are several other benefits to coffee enemas, including pain reduction, decrease inflammation, clearing out the colon, and allowing the body to function better once it isn’t dealing with as many toxins, and so much more!


Unlike drinking coffee, when introduced to the body through the colon, the caffeine in coffee stimulates the liver and bile ducts. Good, organic coffee beans naturally contain antioxidants and several beneficial compounds, including cafesol palmitate, kahweol, theobromine, and theophylline that have the natural and positive effect of reducing inflammation throughout the body.

Thankfully, the coffee solution doesn’t have to travel through your entire system of intestines to get to the liver. The caffeine and other beneficial compounds only need to be administered into your colon. From there, they travel from the colon, through the hemorrhoidal vein, hepatic/portal vein, and the portal system (with its tributaries and branches), to the liver and gallbladder.  

Anatomy of a Coffee Enema
Coffee Enema Diagram 02 Laying WEB
(This is why laying on your right side while doing coffee enemas, can be very beneficial; as gravity encourages the movement toward the liver).  Once there, they stimulate the liver bile ducts to open, and release bile, which carries toxins out of the liver. Bile is our body’s natural way of collecting and flushing toxins from our system. This process normally works beautifully, unless we’ve overloaded our bodies with toxins,  have chronic health issues, or just happen to live in a very toxic world; clogging the liver faster than the toxins can be released, creating the need to detoxify the liver and our bodies.

The process of overwhelming the liver (and blood and organs, etc.) with toxins didn’t usually happen overnight, therefore the process of detoxification isn’t an instant one either. Through the encouragement and stimulation of the coffee enema, the liver will release what toxins it can at that moment. This process is frequently repeated until the liver is clear of toxins and functioning optimally again.


“Regular use of coffee enemas help you eliminate a lifetime of toxins in only a year or two.”

– Dr. Nicholas Gonzales



  • Organic Coffee (for enemas)
  • Enema bucket – I highly recommend the glass bucket – trust me, seeing the solution (and how fast – if at all – that it’s moving) can be extremely helpful. Personally, I wouldn’t use an enema bag because you can’t thoroughly wash the inside; and cleanliness here is absolutely critical.
  • Tubing with On/Off Clamp & Enema Nozzle – Always use medical grade.
  • Check Flow Valve – This creates a one-way flow to keep your tubing hygienic.
  • Ultrafine Stainless Steel Strainer
  • Lubricant – Organic Coconut Oil works beautifully (and is less toxic than most other options)
  • Blanket & Pillow – To lay on.
  • Disposable Bed Pad / Puppy Pad – To cover your blanket, for super easy cleanup.
  • Timer
  • Fresh-pressed Organic Juices – some for before and some for after to replenish nutrients. I prefer to have one red juice (usually containing beets) and one green juice (usually containing lots of leafy green vegetables). I drink 1/4 of each just before and finish (2/3) of each after.
  • Poo-Pourri – Odor Eliminator.
  • Squatty Potty – This can be very helpful, especially if you’re not a very tall person (like me).



Coffee Enema - Supplies 01 WEB


Coffee Enema - Supplies 02 WEB

Thankfully, many of these items can be found in one fabulous place, and are even sold in a kit.

Your First Coffee Enema Kit Coffee Enema Supplies





While you can do a coffee enema at any time of day, it’s typically done in the morning, after your bowel movement.

  1. Hydrate And Nourish. It’s best to drink a fresh pressed organic vegetable juice and eat some fiber (like an apple or fresh greens) about 30 minutes before treatment, to help the toxins get carried out safely. Also be sure you’re well hydrated (as you should be daily). If the enema is absorbed instead of being emptied (step 7), don’t panic, this is most likely a sign of dehydration and you should drink more water or fresh pressed organic juices throughout your average day.
  1. Prepare The Coffee. The amount of coffee solution you’ll use may depend on your physical size. Many adults can accept up to 2 cups of solution into their colon, but a smaller person (like myself, under five feet tall) can only comfortably accept about 1 cup. The following recipe makes 2 cups of coffee solution. Depending on your size and the emptiness of your colon, this can either be taken as a single enema, or used as two enemas.

Add 1 ½ tablespoons of organic coffee (for enemas) into 2 cups of gently boiling R.O. filtered (or distilled) water (be careful not to boil over). Let simmer for five minutes uncovered (to let the oils gas off). Then cover and low simmer for 15 minutes. Strain (with an extra fine mesh strainer) into glass (or stainless) enema bucket (with connected hose – be sure the clamp is closed first!).

  1. Wait For It To Cool to body temperature. Never use hot coffee, it can burn you. Dip your finger (up to the 2nd knuckle) in the coffee for at least five seconds, if it feels hot, wait until it’s cooler. Temperature is key! Too hot and you could burn yourself, too cold and you’re likely to experience cramping. Nice and toasty warm (but not hot) seems to be just right.
  1. Prepare Your Area. Lay a thick blanket and pillow on the floor of the bathroom (something you can lay on comfortably). I use a disposable bed pad/puppy pad over the blanket, for super easy cleanup. I like to use my enema time to meditate or pray. Make it a relaxing experience; maybe even light a scented candle.
  1. Application.  Set (or hang) the enema bucket at a height of approx. 16 inches from the floor (like on the edge of a tub). Do not raise the enema bucket more than 24 inches as this will create too much pressure. Fill the hose with coffee and be sure to remove any air pockets. This can be done by raising the empty hose (tip first) high above the enema bucket, then open the clamp and allow coffee to fill the first few inches of hose, slowly lower the hose and the air pocket will naturally be released while the hose fills with coffee. Lay on your right side with your knees curled toward your chest. Apply lubricant (coconut oil) to the round enema tip. Very gently and slowly insert the enema tip into the rectum. You only need two or three inches, never insert more than six inches (so you don’t irritate or damage the colon). Unclamp the tube and allow coffee to flow gently, stopping the flow at any discomfort. Occasionally take a deep breath and relax. It may take several minutes to take in the entire amount.
  1. Hold for 12-18 minutes. Coffee enemas can be very stimulating for the colon, especially the first time. Be gentle with yourself. It’s very common to only be able to hold the coffee in for 2-4 minutes. Be gentle with yourself and release it into the toilet as soon as you need to.

Even for regular use, it can be helpful to do two enemas back to back. Make enough solution for two and already have it in your enema bucket. Hold the first one (half your solution) for 2-4 minutes (or until your body wants to eliminate). Empty your colon into the toilet. Use this first enema as a colon cleanse. Then lay back down and do the second one as the liver detoxification enema. You’re more likely to hold the second one longer (and more comfortably) than the first one, now that the colon is empty. If comfortable, hold for 12-18 minutes. Occasionally, take a long, deep inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth to help you as movement occurs. Sometimes pressing on the nail bed of your ring finger with your thumb (of the same hand) can help relieve symptoms of cramping.

  1. Empty Your Colon. Sit on the toilet to empty and relax for several minutes. A Squatty Potty footstool may be helpful to get a better (more open) angle of your colon (especially if you’re small or short, like me).
  1. Clean your enema kit thoroughly to be ready for next time.
  1. Replenish, Rehydrate and Nourish. Immediately drink some vegetable juice (beets, carrots and/or greens) and an electrolyte drink after (with potassium and sodium), to replenish vital nutrients and electrolytes. Stay well hydrated and regularly eat highly nutritious, organic foods throughout every day.Coffee Enemas should always be done in conjunction with a whole food, nutrient-dense diet, and good hydration. Fluids and minerals can be lost when doing coffee enemas. Always have fresh, organic, nutrient-rich juices before and after each enema to replenish valuable nutrients. Carrot or beet juices are my personal favorites along with green juices (from leafy green vegetables) to replenish your system. I often include an electrolyte supplement afterward as well. Replenishing with proper nutrients is absolutely critical.
  1. Enjoy!  You may feel, lighter, clearer (in thinking, and in your abdomen), reduction in pain throughout your body and have more energy!

Coffee Enema - Supplies 04 Whole Food Diet WEB


Coffee enemas should be done in conjunction with a whole food, nutrient-dense diet and under the supervision of a knowledgeable practitioner. Your practitioner can help you decide what the best frequency is for you. It’s generally anywhere from once a month to once a week, and for those fighting chronic illness, once a day or more. Always listen to your body, if you sense you need it more, or less, follow what helps you the most.

Coffee Enema - Supplies 03 Whole Food Diet WEB

If a coffee enema is necessary and done properly, you will tend to feel relief, decreased pain, and improved symptoms, even emotionally happier, mentally clearer, and notice increased energy. As amazing as coffee enemas can be, they are specifically for detoxifying the liver. Depending on the toxins, the state of your health, and diet, etc. the amount of time needed to completely detoxify the liver will vary greatly.   Your coffee-enema-knowledgeable-practitioner can help you decide what the best frequency is for you.

Perhaps only one coffee enema a month is all you need, but for most, once or twice a week is perfect, and for others (especially those battling cancer or long-term illness) daily use (or multiple times per day) may be extremely helpful. For the more intense, daily protocols please refer to your coffee-enema-knowledgeable-practitioner for assistance.

When your liver is clean and functioning properly again there will be no need for coffee enemas at that time. You’ll know your liver is functioning on its own if you do a coffee enema and have little or no reaction, no feeling of relief.



If your liver is loaded with toxins that it’s unable to process, doing a coffee enema may be exactly what it needs to help it get clean and healthy again. But it’s important to note that once the toxins are released they pass through your system before exiting. Contrary to what this might feel, this actually means the coffee enemas are working, and this is known as a Healing Reaction.   Healing Reactions can cause your symptoms to appear worse for a short while. This is from the long-held toxins finally releasing from the liver and into your body (on their way out of your system). This can appear as anything from fatigue, weakness, or abdominal discomfort, to a rash to fever, cold symptoms or any other symptoms you’re trying to get rid of, that get worse or more intense for a short while. It’s important to recognize a Healing Reaction and not to suppress it, this is the body purging it and it’s best to let it work through your body naturally.

The first several coffee enemas may be especially challenging as your liver begins to purge toxins. Be gentle with yourself. Take your time. This is a process that won’t be healed overnight. Your symptoms may come and go, as your body releases the toxins and prepares to flush them from your body. You may see some noticeable improvements right away, followed by a very strong Healing Reaction. This cycle will likely repeat many times, but each Healing Reaction is often less intense than the last, and each improvement is even better as well.

If you’re not experiencing any Healing Reactions, it’s possible that you’re only treating the symptoms and not getting to the root of the problem. In this case, you’re probably not doing coffee enemas frequently enough or eating a clean enough diet, rich in nutrient-dense, whole foods, and good hydration, including fresh-pressed, organic, nutrient-rich juices.

Coffee Enema 03 - Coffee WEB

Detoxification is a long, slow transition, that usually ebbs and flows a bit as you gradually make progress. The toxins in your body didn’t appear there overnight, it probably took decades to accumulate, so the process of locating, dislodging and eliminating all of them will take time.

Be patient and gentle with yourself, being grateful for each baby step along this beautiful, healing journey.




I would begin with the Gerson Institute. They’ve been doing this for decades and have tons of information and resources on their website. http://gerson.org Their protocols help tremendously with providing the body with high amounts of much-needed nutrition and the process to flush out toxins. It might be strange at first, but I can’t say enough good things about how helpful it’s been. That said, I personally have had to make a few adjustments to the protocol (due to even more pressing health issues), which means my body requires red meat. But even with my modifications, the Gerson protocols have been amazing for me (and so many others).

Juicing - Carrot-Apple juice WEB


Organic juicing.

Juicing - Carrot-Apple juice WEB


Coffee Enema - Supplies 04 Whole Food Diet WEB


Organic green smoothies.


What if you could eliminate a migraine in only 20 minutes, without a pharmaceutical or negative side effects? What if you could reduce chronic pain in a matter of minutes? What if there was a way to change your mood from frustration, anger or irritable to calm, centered and balanced? What if there was a way for you to fall asleep easier and faster? What if one simple treatment could do all this and so much more? What would it be worth to you?

This one is expensive up front but has been one of the best investments in my health we’ve ever made. I simply cannot imagine my life without it! It’s a PEMF Therapy unit (Pulse Electromagnetic Field Therapy). There are several brands and options to choose from, although the “iMRS 2000 Professional” came highly recommended by my doctor. With the expense in mind, I took my time, did my own research, and months of rentals before making such an investment. There are several other units and brands out there but I cannot say they’ll have the same result. At least for me, the other brands I tried didn’t even come close to the positive results I get from the iMRS 2000 Pro. (And no, I have no affiliation with the company, nor do I receive any financial or any other incentives for telling you this – my only goal is to help improve your health).

I use my PEMF unit at least once every single day (for the past 8 years) and at $6,000.00 for the purchase, that works out to around $2.00 per day (and dropping, the longer I continue to use it). Personally, well worth the life-changing results.

Overall, PEMF decreases inflammation, increases circulation and cellular energy. It locates and charges any cells within your body that are outside the normal range of healthy charge, allowing the body to heal itself as best it can. PEMF therapy results are even more increased when taken with high levels of organic nutrition (see Juicing and Smoothies sections).

There are more than 600 medical papers written on the positive effects of PEMF therapy. The FDA has approved PEMF therapy for many things (since 1979), including bone growth, cellular regeneration, brain cancer, depression, anxiety and more.

What PEMF has done for others…

Increase & Improve…


cognitive function






autophagy (cellular cleaning in the brain)




urinary incontinence

bone and cartilage healing

blood circulation

Qi circulation

and overall healing

while calming nerves, mind, and body.

Decrease or Eliminate…




tumor size




reduce high blood pressure

elevated cholesterol

elevated blood sugar

enlarged prostate





stress/fight or flight response

and eliminate migraines.


I can personally testify to many of the positive improvements listed above.  It always surprises me how many people still don’t know about this life-changing therapy.  Among many, numerous issues, I use my PEMF therapy bed for my migraines.  Only 20 minutes on the PEMF bed and a completely debilitating migraine can be completely eliminated.  Gone.  Just like that.  No medications, no side effects for me and I feel fantastic.  Not only eliminating the migraine but other pain reduction and leaves me with an overall a feeling of calm and content.  I truly can’t put into words how highly I recommend PEMF therapy, especially for anyone with chronic pain or long-term illnesses. It has literally changed my life.


Here’s a basic introduction to PEMF Therapy.


My personal recommendation for a PEMF unit is the iMRS 2000.

I highly recommend using the mat first (for 20 minutes) then use the pinpoint (probe tool) on areas you need it most, for an additional 20 minutes. The probe gives the best results but doesn’t work as well unless the entire body has been on the mat first. Always be well hydrated and have a daily diet full of organic vegetables – to best help your body heal itself.

iMRS 2000 Professional


PEMF 101


I cannot recommend Acupuncture highly enough. If you’re not familiar with it, there are two basic types, Chinese & Japanese. While they share very similar goals, they can differ greatly. In very broad terms, Japanese acupuncture believes that if you make someone wince, then you’ve disturbed the body, negatively. So typically Japanese acupuncture uses extremely tiny, thin needles that barely puncture the surface of the skin. In many Chinese acupuncture styles, the motto is often, if it doesn’t hurt, we haven’t started yet. They use much larger, longer needles that penetrate much deeper. Normally I recommend beginning with Japanese acupuncture, as it’s much easier to take, can be very relaxing and can often address the issues. While this is still an excellent choice (and you can start there), I might change my recommendation for someone with cancer or large, pressing health issue. Personally, I’ve had faster results with “Five Element Acupuncture” (a specific type of Chinese acupuncture that finds a balance between the two styles). While treatments can still be intense, they can also bring dramatic results, often physically and emotionally. It’s absolutely amazing! https://worsleyinstitute.com/worsley-five-element-acupuncture Hopefully you can find a practitioner near you in their Member Directory.

Lori IV Infusion WEB


Find a practitioner who specializes in IV Therapy. This can give your body what it needs – that your diet or intestines are not able to provide, use or absorb through the digestive tract. For me, this has been literally life-saving. I receive weekly infusions including high dose vitamin C, Hydrogen Peroxide or a medley of other treatments, depending on what my body needs most on that day. Your IV doctor will help you decide what’s best for you and your body as it needs it and changes.

Lori IV Infusion WEB

THE POWER OF THOUGHT (demonstrated by Snowflakes)

Throughout the Bible, God tells us of the power of thoughts, intentions, and words; he warns us not to harden our hearts and commands us to think about things that glorify God.


“Whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, think about these things.” – Philippians 4:8

“Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry, and do not give the devil a foothold.” – Ephesians 4:26-27

The command, “Do not be afraid” occurs 235 times in the Bible. If God says it twice it’s important, if God says it three times it’s of the ultimate importance; but 235 times… clearly this is something we should take very seriously.

“Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice. Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as God in Christ forgave you.“ – Ephesians 4:31-32

“The words of the reckless pierce like swords, but the tongue of the wise brings healing” – Proverbs 12:18

While God has been telling us this for more than 2,000 years, only in the last 20 years has science been able to see what God’s been telling us all along. There is tremendous power in our thoughts, intentions and words.

Dr. Masaru Emoto (a Japanese scientist) discovered a way for our eyes to see what God has been telling us since the beginning of creation. Water (an essential part of life, nature and our planet) is so sensitive to our thoughts, intentions, words and music that it literally changes form based on our thoughts or intentions.

This mind-blowing visual display of the changes in water should rock our world, encouraging changes in each of us, how we think, what we say and the direction of our intentions.

Because we are made up of far more than 50% water, it’s easy to conclude that God created us to be sensitive to the effects of positive and negative energy as well.

Witness the different reactions of water for yourself. We are beautifully, intricately, and wonderfully made!


Did you know that your resting heart rate tells you more about your potential mortality than your cholesterol or blood pressure?  Do you know your number?  What if we only had so many heartbeats in a lifetime? Numerous studies suggest just that. Contemporary studies (and studies dating back to the 1800’s) suggest that in general, people with slower resting heart rates outlive those whose hearts beat faster. The faster our resting heart rate, the less efficient our heart muscle is and the harder it’s working to get the job done. If we use up less of them per day, we’re far more likely to live longer and probably gain added health all at the same time.

When you’re at rest, your heart is pumping the lowest amount of blood to supply the oxygen your body needs. Your resting heart rate is the number of beats per minute during rest. What’s your resting heart rate? Begin by sitting in a chair, both feet flat on the ground, remain still and calm for at least five minutes then count your pulse rate for 1 minute. This is your resting heart rate. Repeat this several times over several days, at different times of the day to learn your average resting heart rate. A resting heart rate will be higher during stress, within 1-2 hours of exercise, after eating or after caffeine, etc. Try taking your resting heart rate in the morning before you stand up out of bed.

A 2013 study, published in the journal, Heart, found that high resting heart rate was linked to a greater risk of premature death (after tracking 30,000 people over 16 years). Overall, people with a resting heart rate between 81-90 doubled the chance of premature death, while a resting heart rate between 91 and 100 tripled the chance of premature death (along with significantly higher rates of body weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, levels of circulating blood fats and restricted blood flow).

What’s the best way to slow your heart rate? Make it go faster through physical exercise. Exercise strengthens the heart (a muscle) allowing more blood to be pumped per beat, making it far more efficient and effective with less wear and tear.

Wouldn’t making the heart go faster use up too many heartbeats? Nope. For example, an average resting heart rate (for an adult who is not in excellent physical condition) is 60-100 beats per minute. So, on average, at 80 beats per minute, their heart would beat 115,200 times per day. If someone else exercises vigorously for one hour, at an average of 150 beats per minute, that’s 9,000 beats for that one hour. But regular exercise has the effect of slowing a person’s resting heart rate. A highly conditioned athlete, or someone in excellent physical condition, will often have a resting heart rate of 40-50 beats per minute. Assuming, even on the high side, of 50 beats per minute, plus the addition of the 9,000 beats for their one-hour of exercise, their heart would beat around 71,940 times per day. That’s more than 43,260 beats less each day than the person who didn’t exercise. Annually, that’s more than 15 million beats less each year.

Regular exercise (even in moderation) is still one of the best things you can do for your health. Exercise, not only strengthens the heart, allowing more blood to be pumped per beat (and therefore reducing the number of beats per day), it also mutes the fight or flight signal from the autonomic nervous system, which carries with it so many more tremendous health benefits. Studies have found that even one hour of high-intensity aerobic training (about 66% of your maximum effort) lower your resting heart rate more efficiently than a low-intensity training ((33% or less of your maximum effort). Although, even small amounts of exercise can make a positive change, so get moving! Start small and increase gradually only as it’s safe to do so.

Try out the “Life Expectancy Estimator by Heart Rate”.  Plug in your resting heart rate, see what you get and then see what the difference would be if you lowered your heart rate by even ten beats per minute. For more research look into the “The Rate of Living Theory” and the “One Billion Heartbeats Theory”.

Life Expectancy Estimator by Heart Rate






In my humble opinion, going to the dentist is optional. Personally, I believe if we learn to take care of ourselves, there is very little for others to do for us. I receive a dental checkup approximately once every 10 years, and to date, I’ve never so much as had a single cavity in my entire life. I’ve also noticed that those who frequently see their dentist, often “require” a lot of procedures. This is likely from a medley of reasons, but it could include the dentist trying to make a better living, the patient not taking care of their own oral health or perhaps what they eat or even their genetic predisposition. In any case, it may surprise many that there are alternatives available. Personally, I would begin by firing your traditional Western Medicine Dentist and finding an Alternative, Biocompatible, Natural or Holistic Dentist. But just like any other dentist, each practitioner is different and will have their own way of doing things. Like anything, beware of marketing and do your own research, ask lots of questions and get to the bottom of what they really do. Just because a dentist is listed on one of the websites below, doesn’t mean their practices are truly holistic. It’s up to you to find that perfect fit, what works best for you – with the best results – for the health of your teeth and your whole body, mind, and spirit. Holistic Dental Association Biological Dentistry & Medicine Functional Orthodontics


How is Holistic/Natural Dentistry different from Conventional Dentistry?

There are so many differences, but as an oversimplification, there are fewer toxins, radiation, and chemicals with an emphasis on long-term, whole body health, not just for teeth in this moment.

A few differences that a Natural Dentist provides (or doesn’t provide)…

– No Amalgam/Mercury Fillings –

Amalgam is a liquid mix of mercury and metal alloy (usually including mercury, silver, tin, copper and other trace metals) used by conventional dentists to fill cavities (and is commonly referred to as “silver fillings”). Mercury is a highly toxic element and there’s no known safe level of exposure. Yet it’s been used for over 100 years, not because it’s safe or healthy for you, but because it’s cheap.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, you’re probably aware of the numerous studies that link mercury fillings with a number of illnesses. If your dentist offers Amalgam/Mercury fillings at all, I highly recommend finding another dentist immediately! Even if you’re not receiving a filling, the entire dentist office is prone to mercury vapors floating around, being breathed in by everyone there. If for some reason you’re not aware of the horrors of Mercury, it doesn’t take much digging to find story after story, study after study about the nightmare mercury creates for a person’s health. Even the FDA reports (since 2009) states “The average filling has 1 gram of mercury and leaks mercury vapor continuously… resulting in significant exposure… Mercury vapor is transmitted rapidly throughout the body, easily crosses cell membranes, and like organic methyl mercury has significant toxic effects”.

Mercury poisoning is a serious health concern and amalgam fillings are at the top of the list of known causes. Mercury-laden fillings are cumulative, meaning the longer you have them in your mouth the more mercury (and heavy metals) you’re likely to have throughout your body, blood and organs. The Mayo Clinic states that 2-20 micrograms of mercury are released each day from a single filling. Thankfully there are much better and healthier options for fillings, talk to your Natural/Holistic Dentist about your many options, and the safest way to have Amalgam fillings removed.

– No Fluoride –

Fluoride is debatable at best, whether it actually helps your teeth, but what’s not debated is the numerous, negative side effects fluoride has on the body. Fluoride is known to cause an array of issues from white spots on the teeth to reducing a child’s IQ, interfering with the endocrine system, impaired brain function and it’s more recently been linked to ADHD and underactive thyroid issues.

– Avoid Crowns –

Natural Dentists are very conservative with their drilling practices, leaving as much of the tooth intact as possible. They’re more likely to do a filling or inlay and will only, as a last resort opt to do a crown (which removes up to 2/3 of the tooth).

– Minimize X-Rays –

We all know the negative effects of radiation, so why would we knowingly opt-in to regular x-rays – especially around something as precious as our brain or for children? Radiation exposure is cumulative over a lifetime, so the fewer the x-rays the better. Studies have shown that for those who have regular dental x-rays have a significant rise in the risk of developing brain tumors.

– Test Filling Material First –

You’re going to be connected to, and interacting with this substance for a very long time, so a Natural or Holistic Dentist will test patients (through blood tests or applied kinesiology) to determine which filling material best suits your specific biology.

– Uses Homeopathy and Vitamins –

Whenever possible, a Natural or Holistic Dentist will choose a health-promoting, natural option instead of prescriptions. For example, choosing homeopathy, natural Vitamin C or Infrared technology to encourage the body’s natural immune system and increase healing after oral surgery or procedures, may prevent having to use antibiotics or painkillers completely.

– Don’t Remove Wisdom Teeth Unless Absolutely Necessary –

This is a big one!  If your dentist regularly recommends unnecessary surgeries for their patients, don’t walk, run to find a dentist who makes your health and life a priority! Natural or Holistic Dentists don’t recommend removing wisdom teeth unless they’re causing problems. Studies have shown that at least two-thirds of wisdom teeth extractions are completely unnecessary. Though a routine surgery in conventional dentistry, it’s frequently the cause of serious complications like

nerve damage

permanent paresthesia

TMJ dislocation

muscle damage

inner ear damage

permanent dizziness


overdosed or incorrect medication

brain damage

permanent disabilities

and even death.

– Don’t Perform Root Canals –

It may surprise you, that in many cases, a tooth that’s inflamed to the point of conventional dentistry “requiring” a root canal, will often respond to homeopathy, herbs, careful cleaning or nutritional support, to the point of reversing the need for a root canal at all. A root canal is the dangerous practice of killing a part of your body (the tooth) and leaving it in your mouth, dead. There, the dead tooth typically festers chronic bacteria into your bloodstream, often for years or decades, encouraging a whole plethora of complications, disease and ailments behind.

What your Dentist Isn’t Telling You…

– Cavities Can Be Reversed – 

Yes, you read that correctly.  Cavities can be completely healed.  What? This may be shocking to you, but there are numerous studies (dating back to the 1920’s) that prove this to be true. And once you understand even the basics of cavities, enamel and mineralization this wonderful outcome becomes more obvious.

Cavities form in holes as enamel erodes from demineralization. We’re taught to believe that demineralization is a one-way process, once our enamel erodes there’s no going back. Not true. The key here is remineralization.

Thankfully, our bodies were created to heal themselves. You can remineralize your teeth; actually, you already do it every day! Your teeth demineralize and remineralize several times each day, through a natural process that moves calcium phosphate in and out of the tooth matrix in response to the changes in the environment of your mouth. Eating certain foods (especially sugar) promotes the demineralization process (by lowering the pH in your mouth) but your natural, healthy saliva helps to remineralize your teeth, which re-hardens the enamel. Ideally, the two processes are balanced and you maintain health. But if the demineralization happens faster or occurs more frequently you begin to develop cavities. The goal is to reduce the demineralization process while supporting the remineralization process.

A few tips to encourage this process include, avoiding sugar, protect your teeth from acids (use a straw to drink your lemon water), brush or rinse after eating, brush and floss properly, and eat foods high in nutrients, like organic whole foods, tons of vegetables (especially leafy greens), lean meats and fish, some fruits and healthy fats. And once again, Vitamin D is on the list of vitamins that positively affects the health of our teeth. You can remineralize your teeth, heal cavities (especially small/beginning ones) and increase your health! Once again, true health comes down to putting high-quality nutrients into your body and reducing or eliminating anything that’s not serving you.


The Five Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine.




Many acupuncturists will include Moxibustion (the burning of Moxa) in their treatments. But you can use it at home as well. Ideally, you should work with your provider to know the best location, type, and direction to use it, but I’ve found that using it where the issue is worse, is also extremely helpful. Both my practitioner and I have seen a visible reduction in my tumor from my (at home) daily treatments of moxibustion. While less potent than the Moxa you’ll receive during your treatment, you can do Moxa at home, daily. I recommend two forms, “Stick” (light it until the tip is bright red, then hover near the skin and move slowly in circles or in lines – but don’t touch the skin!) and “Stick On” (light it and stick on the skin). Both types should feel very warm but should be removed or pulled away from skin if/when it becomes hot, before burn occurs). Stick: http://www.kmsupplies.com/chinese-smokeless-moxa-stick-rolls.html Stick on: http://www.lhasaoms.com/Chosei-Kyu-Ibuki-Moxa.html (note: these smoke a lot and are best does outside, or a well-ventilated area).


Daily quiet time, using “Mindfulness Meditation” is priceless. It helps you live in this moment (the only moment where we have the power to change things) (instead of worrying about the “what if’s” of the future or the regret of the past). Research, read books and watch videos about “Mindfulness Meditation” as you begin your practice.


The body scan technique. 


Finally release what no longer serves you.

Read The Emotion Code and seek a practitioner who can help you release your trapped emotions.  


Clear your wall block so you can give and receive love unconditionally.

Read The Emotion Code and seek a practitioner who can help you clear your Heart-Wall.  


Just like your diet and environment, surround yourself only with positives – with those who support and love you unconditionally, who are there to listen and embrace you through this journey. Eliminate anyone who brings negativity, complaints or shallow opinions to your life. Sadly, this can often eliminate most human beings, but the very few who remain become even more precious. Just like in meditation, what you spend time thinking about your body can physically respond to (for good and bad). Make the healthy decision to clean out your life, focus on the good and celebrate even the tiniest victories.


Get a nice notebook (I prefer the leather bound ones). Each time you write in it, record the date and list a blessing (or as many as you want). Make a habit (either in the morning or at night, before getting out of bed) to write down at least one thing you’re grateful for that day. Gratitude can be very powerful. Again, by seeking to find even a tiny positive, we train our brain to focus on that. I realize this may sound less important, but don’t underestimate the power of thoughts, they truly do help our physical body heal.


Our world is toxic, not just the environment, but spiritually toxic. Just like our physical body, we need a spiritual cleanse. This is not a one-time treatment but a daily decision to continually reduce spiritual toxins from our day, our thoughts and our soul. Our soul is the only part of us that is eternal. We are already eternal beings, we’re just temporarily in a physical body, yet our current soul will live forever. Our salvation and the state of our soul should be a top priority in our daily life.


Just like our bodies, reducing toxins includes avoiding or eliminating contact with the things we know to be toxic. The same is true for our spiritual health. If something is causing us more harm than good, we should work to eliminate or minimize our time around it.


As eternal beings we should focus on what helps our spirit thrive.    


No matter how far into science you travel, any deep and genuine research will eventually lead to truth; always ending up with the same conclusion, at the place where it all started, God. God is the source of all wisdom, purpose and balance, the creator of all energy, of all things. God invented, created and set in motion every atom, and molecule; giving purpose and balance to all things.

Got God?


Spiritual Enlightenment

Books For Further Study

Books for further study. I highly recommend reading them in this order.

The Holy Bible The very thoughts of God, waiting patiently for you to read, breathe and thrive. Read daily.
Five Love Languages A beautiful introduction to how we all give and receive love differently.
The People Code A simple and basic introduction to personality types.
Mastering Five Elements A western introduction to the personality traits within the Five Elements.
Power of the Five Elements A deeper study of the traditional Chinese Five Elements.
The Emotion Code A life-altering exploration of how thoughts and intention influence the physical body.
The Hidden Messages in WaterA mind-blowing example of thoughts and intentions growing different shaped snowflakes.
Messages from Water and the UniverseA deeper exploration of the power of thought and our connection to God.


All information here is my personal opinion, for information only, and not to be used as medical advice.  I highly recommend seeking the advice of a medical practitioner (Naturopathic Doctor, Acupuncturist, etc) before beginning any of the above-mentioned ideas.


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