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Inspirational Books

More Than I Ask - Unexpected Answers to Prayer

More Than I Ask – Unexpected Answers to Prayer

Book: Memoir: My personal journey through the distorted thoughts of an eating disorder.

Starved Body, Starved Brain – Distorted Thoughts of an Eating Disorder

God's Fingerprints - Fractals and Five Elements

God’s Fingerprints – Fractals and Five Elements 

Count Your Blessings - The Key to HappinessCount Your Blessings – The Key to Happiness 

Journey of Micah Monk Journey of Micah Monk  

Taken - For a Greater Purpose

Taken – For a Greater Purpose 


The Tao of Pem The Tao of Pem 

Orphan Hummingbord Orphan Hummingbird – Perseverance in the Midst of Hardship 

Red Tail Hawks- From Egg to Flight

Red Tail Hawks – From Egg to Flight