Count Your Blessings

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Count Your Blessings – 

The Key to Happiness


Have you ever noticed that when we spend time focusing on a problem it seems to get bigger? It takes on a larger, more important roll in our lives.

The time we spend worrying about something only makes it stronger and more powerful, until it threatens to overwhelm us. Our time is valuable and our thoughts are more powerful than we often give credit. What we spend time thinking about changes the way we view life, others, our circumstances and ultimately dictates our actions and behavior.

Learn how to recognize even the tiniest blessings in your daily life. Discover unexpected joy, surprise blessings and silver linings that you’ve never seen before, and harness the power to change your life.

Count Your Blessings - The Key to Happiness




Take this step by step journey into a more productive life – filled with gratitude, compassion and blessings more abundant than you ever dreamed.

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What my readers have to say…

Jo G.
So powerfully life changing!  I recommend it to everyone I love.”
Jo G. Count Your Blessings
Jay G.
A journey to return to over and over; each time learning more, growing deeper and challenging myself to become a better version again and again.”
Jay G. Count Your Blessings