Paintography Reproductions

Paintography Reproductions

Using the same technique as my famous Paintographies, I can create Paintography Reproductions from your own paintings or photographs – turning them into priceless heirlooms to share with family and friends.

Each of these stunning reproductions are on stretched canvas, individually painted with great detail to give you a one of a kind, priceless masterpiece.

For a Paintography from a photo simply email the largest file size you have available.  For a Reproduction of a painting, you may take a photo of the painting and email the photo.

Please note: if I do not see the original in person, the colors may not match the original painting.  (you may send the original painting for higher quality and more color accuracy but please insure it, as I or my business, are not responsible for any damages). 

Client Photo Client Paintography

Above Left: Original Client Photo.                         Above Right: Paintography


Original Family Heirloom Painting Paintography Reproduction

Above: Original Family Heirloom Painting          Above Right: Paintography Reproduction


One hour of photo retouching is included.  Additional work (if desired) is charged by hourly rate.  Please allow 4-5 weeks for your Paintography Reproduction to be painted by hand especially for you. Then we’ll have the send off party and your one-of-a-kind, heirloom piece of art will be on its way!

Sizes are approximate, odd sizes will be charged by the longest side.

$295.00     8″x12″

$345.00     12″x18″

$395.00     16″x24″

$445.00     20″x30″

$545.00     24″x36″

$765.00     30″x40″

$945.00     40″x60″

Prices shown are for a Wrapped Canvas finish.  Framing options are available (for an additional fee).  Prices do not include shipping.

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