What my art collectors and fans have to say…

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Beth N.
I was touched and inspired by her enchanting photography. The grace, beauty and magnificence of her work is unparalleled. A photographer once said God created moments just as he was ready to click the shutter. Lori’s photography has that kind of supernatural quality about it. I want to see the world that way, too.”
Beth N. Photography
John M.
Lori Grimmett is a fantastic photographer.  Clearly one of the best in the business.”
John M. Fine Art
Nikki H.
The Glowographies are absolutely unique and stunning.  As I turned off the lights in a room with “Starry Night” and “Starry Night Over The Rhone”, I held my breath as these works of art started to come to life in front of my eyes — the stars and lights even seemed to move and dance!  The phrase that came to mind was “Lori Grimmett has out-VanGogh-ed VanGogh!”
Nikki H. Glowography
Cheri M.
I love my new iPhone case!  It’s so beautiful.Now I get to carry your art with me at all times.”
Cheri M. iPhone case
Jeff F.
We received the Paintography, it’s absolutely fabulous!You do wonderful work.  I’m so pleased.  Thank you so much.”
Jeff F. Paintography
Marilyn R.
The photo arrived the other day.  It is so beautiful.”
Marilyn R. Matted & Framed














What my readers have to say…

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Vicki H.
I love it!  Soul gripping words and breathtaking photography! Wow!”
Vicki H. More Than I Ask
Nicole D.
This book is so beautiful and inspirational! I want to buy a copy for everyone I know. It truly makes you grateful and thankful for everything in your life. Many times we ask God for things we think we need but God always knows what we actually need. This book is so beautifully written and photographed I will read it again and again.”
Nicole D. More Than I Ask
Nicole D.
This book is so beautiful and inspirational! I want to buy a copy for everyone I know. It truly makes you grateful and thankful for everything in your life. Many times we ask God for things we think we need but God always knows what we actually need. This book is so beautifully written and photographed I will read it again and again.” 
Nicole D. More Than I Ask
N. H.
This is a book to savor slowly, and to return to often.”
N. H. More Than I Ask
Nikki H.
This is a book that invites revisiting again and again, as the reader brings his or her own experience to each page – as life and experience move on, so does the understanding of the truths in these pages.

The images themselves are beautiful and invite pondering in their own right. Even though it is useful and instinctive to consider each image through the words it is paired with, I often find my own truths emerging as I gaze at and consider each beautiful image.”

Nikki H. More Than I Ask
Stephen T.
Not only is the author, Lori Grimmett, a magnificent artist and an incredible photographer, she is also an inspirational writer and philosopher. We tend to ignore the philosophers in our modern era, acting as if they are only a matter of history past. But, Lori Grimmett is a modern thinker and philosopher. She is a seeker and an explorer as much as she is an artist and photographer. She seeks to inspire, guide and teach through soft, kind imagery and passages.

Her passages and photographs teach more than most long and over done texts. I describe her style as being something akin to the Tao Te Ching with inspirational guiding photographs. She says more with an image than most authors can in a chapter. She has given us a book that is truly worth reading and sharing, again and again.

The author’s seemingly endless imaginative spirit and soul touching photographs truly make this a book for anyone and everyone on a journey.

Highly recommended!.”

Stephen T. More Than I Ask
Kira H.

More Than I Ask brought me closer to understanding the conflicts within myself, as well as leaving me with a peaceful feeling that was induced by not only the words on the page, but by the beautiful photos that accompanied them as well. The entire read was uplifting and aesthetically comforting. I highly recommend this to anyone in need of a moment to come back to oneself and breathe.”

Kira H. More Than I Ask
J. J.
Moving to my heart.  A book to cherish.”
J. J. More Than I Ask
N. H.
It is a mistake to flip through this book quickly. Each page contains a poignant articulation of a hard-won truth, a truth that required experience and time and patience. When recommending this book, I counsel friends to work through it slowly, taking in both the words and the images with thoughtfulness and attention.”
N. H. More Than I Ask
K. H.
The quiet beauty of Lori Grimmett’s phenomenal photography is given a new voice in this stunning photobook accompanied by heartfelt and resounding insight into unexpected answers to prayer. The full-page photos reside beautifully alongside deep personal interpretations of what it means to be one with God’s plan, and provides both empathy and hope to the reader. More Than I Ask gives space to breathe and the potential for clarity as a wonderful bedside read or thoughtful gift.”
K. H. More Than I Ask
Devony H.
The book was so beautiful; I loved reading it and looking at the AMAZING photographs. I felt humbled after reading it. I loved the book.”
Devony H. More Than I Ask
Ayla H.
The pictures are just too beautiful. The amazing photography aided the flowing words of wisdom. Though the book is centered around God, it doesn’t mean that anything is less true for an individual. Life should be treasured and shared. This book is a wonderful pathway of “unexpected answers” for any walk of life, and has led me to resolve to be a loving, well adjusted, serving, and humble person.”
Ayla H. More Than I Ask
Kess H.
The pictures are just TOO AMAZING! I loved the quotes and the pictures along with them were just inspirational! The quotes themselves were just amazing and they for sure made me tear up. I loved the book!!! You are a great painter and photographer, and I fully support you. I couldn’t pick out any of them to be my favorite because they all were my favorite. Keep doing what you’re doing!!”
Kess H. More Than I Ask
Gwen L.

I had a chance to see and read your book on the things God taught you. Beautiful.”

Gwen L. More Than I Ask
Michelle L.
Hon, you are a bless-ing!!!!  Such a beautiful person inside and out.”
Michelle L. Count Your Blessings
Jane D.
I really couldn’t ask for more.  Lovely story and images recording new life.”
Jane D. Red Tail Hawks
Mona B.
Stunning.  Great story of patience… ”
Mona B. Morning Has Broken (article)








What my students have to say…

Kari E.
You ex-plained things in a manner that is easily under-stood. Thank you so much!”
Kari E.
Heather H.
Your open-ness to help is wonderful. I recommend you to everyone!”
Heather H.
Keith V.
Wow, there is so much to learn. This has changed how I will view artwork forevermore.”
Keith V.
Connie P.
I am anxious to take more classes!”
Connie P.
Crystal F.
No matter the reason why you take pictures, these classes will help you become a better photographer. With what I’ve learned, I now feel confident that I can take the picture that I want.”
Crystal F.
Michelle R.
Your happy attitude made me want to learn more!!”
Michelle R.
Janet G.
I liked how thorough Lori was in explaining things, and the visuals were very clear.”
Janet G.
Jaime S.
Great teaching style! Take these classes, the sooner the better!”
Jaime S.
Jill W.
Well worth taking!”
Jill W.
Vicki H.
Lori has a wealth of knowledge from her education and experience in the field. She is talented and shares her passion of photography with every student.”
Vicki H.
Roy E.
The easy understanding of the terminology and projector examples given are helpful. Very positive instructor and fun! Must attend and well worth it. A lot of fun and helps all students of all levels.”
Roy E.
Fred O.
The hands-on and the expla-nations of the camera’s features helps me enjoy my camera much more.”
Fred O.
Karen W.
It’s a very good class covering a lot of subjects.”
Karen W.
Mark H.
Great classes! Lori is very knowledgeable about photography and explains things very well.”
Mark H.
Cindy B.
Great classes for learning technical aspects and going further with your photography. Thank you for your enthusiasm and sharing your knowledge. You’re a great instructor!!”
Cindy B.
Cathy M.
Very well taught. So much to learn and put into practice. I want to take more classes to learn more.”
Cathy M.
Sarah S.
I really enjoyed these classes and I learned a lot about my camera as well as composition and just how to take much better pictures. I also enjoyed getting personal help with my camera and I’m excited to get out and use what I learned.”
Sarah S.














Personalized service and attention to detail are what I do best. I take the time to understand your business needs and strive to exceed your expectations… because your image matters.

What my clients have to say…

Gecko Climbing
Your work is brilliant!”
Gecko Climbing Germany
Aleko Jensen
As the largest Blazer dealer in the United States, we’ve chosen Lori Grimmett as our exclusive product photographer for the past six years. Her dedication to high quality images and attention to detail is exactly what we’re looking for. Her work is simply the best!”
Aleko Jensen Heritage Arms
Klaus-Dieter Jungermann
The printed bus-iness cards arrived here today… THEY ARE FANTASTIC!”
Klaus-Dieter Jungermann Titanium Gunworks (Germany)
Teresa Marks
Your work is AMAZING! All of your input, creative ideas and dedication to excellence really made my website what it is today – awesome!”
Teresa Marks Creative Life Coaching
Thank you for blessing us with your hard work and gifted talent – to share with the world.”
Todd and Pauline W. Chosen by Grace
Kelly B.
All your hard work and quality really made our banner stand out!!!  Head and shoulders above the rest.  Thank you!”
Kelly B. NW Web Construction Co.




Lori Grimmett’s images have been used by…


Accurate Reloading

Africase, LLC

Avenue 30

Barlow’s Custom Guns

Brickyard Kennel, Inc.

Chosen By Grace

Christian Church of St. Helens

Creative Life Coaching, LLC

Emulsion Magazine

English Shepherds of Vernonia

First Friday of Vernonia

Gecko Climbing (Germany)

Grace Baptist Church

Grace Notes

Great Salt Lake Audubon

Hawk Watch International

Heritage Arms, LLC

Highland Hills Baptist Church

HNC Software

Intermountain Ornamental

IWA Catalog (Germany)

J.K.’s Center Street Cafe

MII Jewellery (South Africa)

Made in Vernonia

Majestyk Point Dobermans


Mentos Gum

Mount Olympus Real Estate

Nature Photo Community (Netherlands)

Northwest Web Construction Co.

NW Web Hosting Company

Oli’s Pizzeria

Outdoor Photographer Magazine

Pictureline Community

Portland Japanese Garden

Rochester Contemporary Art Center

Rocky Mountain School of Photography

Sequoia Gallery

St. Hubertus Magazine (Austria)

Spiral Stairway, LLC

The Martin Agency

The Sweet Life Bakery

Titanium Gunworks (Germany)

Trinity Baptist Church

Truce Designs

US Bank

Utah Orchid Society

Vernonia’s Voice

Wayne Wagner Safari (South Africa)

Wild und Hund Magazine (Austria)