My Education


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To encourage and educate my viewers, opening new paradigms to view the world in surprising and magnificent ways they never expected, and to pass that inspiration on to others.



With more than 12 years of highly diversified photographic experience and education, I am am award-winning Fine Art photographer with a successful commercial business, whose images are published throughout the world.



2014     The Art of Composition  by Art Wolfe

2013     Perfecting the Expressive Photograph by Alan Ross

2013     Photographic Artistry by Ben Willmore

2012    Emerald City Nights by Aaron Reed

2012    One Light, Two Light by Joe McNally

2012    Palouse Hills by Adrian Klein and Kevin McNeil

2012    Digital Workflow by Sean Bagshaw

2012    Extending Dynamic Range Sean Bagshaw

2012    Private Photographic Instruction by Art Wolfe

2011    Composing Effective Images by Art Wolfe

2010    Fundamentals of Digital Photography by John Greengo

2008    Rocky Mountain School of Photography: Wildlife Up Close

2008    Private Photographic Instruction by Neil Chaput de Saintonge (who studied directly under Ansel Adams)

2008    Rocky Mountain School of Photography: Sunrises, Sunsets & Flowing Water

2007    Great Output Seminar, Seattle, WA

2006    Wet Plate Photography (for 4×5 Large Format), Northern Utah Camera Club

2006    Epson Print Academy

2005    Infrared Imaging by Robert Hall

2005    Toning Techniques by Laurel Casjens

2005    Commercial Photography for Dummies by Jim Lersch

2004-2006    Alternative Processing: Platinum-Palladium by Robert Hall

2004    Hand Coloring Black & White Prints by Richard Prehn

2004    Digital Fest, Salt Lake City, UT

2004    Traditional Darkroom and Abstract Photography by Richard Prehn

2004    Medium and Large Format: Portraiture by Richard Preh

2004    Large Format Photography 101 by Dennis Mecham

2003-2007    Large Format Photography by Robert Hall

2003-2007    Intermountain Professional Photographer’s Association (IPPA): Member

2003-2007    Studio Lighting, IPPA

2003-2007    Wedding and Portrait Photography, IPPA

2003-2006    Rocky Mountain Professional Photographer’s Association: Member

2003-2004    Photographic Print Society of Salt Lake City: President

2003    Inkley’s Photography School

2003    Rocky Mountain School of Photography: Weekend

2003    Ritz University

1999    Nikon School graduate



2009-Present   Numerous classroom and on-location digital photography classes (basic – advanced)

2009             Rocky Mountain School of Photography: Volunteer assistant

2005-2007    “Basic Photography”

2005-2007    “Introduction to Large Format Photography”

2004-2007    “Photoshop for Photographers”

2004-2006    “Studio Lighting and Portraiture”