Who I Am

I am an award-winning and internationally published photographer, writer and artist with a passion for all things creative.  For me, art is an emotionally fulfilling journey, an opportunity to…  

Lori Grimmett

Lori Grimmett

witness and capture inspiring moments in God’s awesome creation.

As a professional artist for more than 20 years, I have an enormously diverse education with two decades of experience.

As an ambidextrous child, I began painting with both hands as soon as I could hold a brush and discovered a passion for creativity.

After studying to become an orthopedic surgeon (for several years in college), in 1996 I returned to my first loves… painting, photography and writing.

My photographic education includes large format photography (film, wetplate and infrared), alternative processing, toning, platinum-palladium, hand coloring, traditional darkroom, wedding and portrait photography, studio lighting, commercial photography and digital imaging and processing with Photoshop and Lightroom.

My painting education spans the globe with phenomenal instructors from around the world.  After living in Kyoto, Japan (as an exchange student) I fell in love with their culture and art, striving for balance in all things, yet giving attention to detail.

Lori Grimmett

On the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state.

At the age of five I dedicated my life to God.  Along my journey, a mistake during a minor surgery left me fighting for my life and requiring 24-hour care for as long as I live.  My diagnosis is considered permanent, progressive and terminal, with no cure or treatment.

Eight years ago, following my vow to God, I moved into a Monastery, where I seek to love, connect and balance life, surrounded by God’s nature.  So far, I’m defying all odds and surviving (some days even thriving) longer than any western doctor ever expected.  As of April 2017, I’m living in my western doctor’s stats of “statistically zero” chance of survival and I’m encouraging others to physical, emotional and spiritual health along my journey.

Following daily prayer, study and my many physical protocols, I paint and write as often as my body is able.  Even in the act of creating my art there is balance; while it takes an enormous amount of life-energy for me to sit up and paint, I receive back a strengthening in my soul from the experience of creativity that wants so much to come through me.

Today, my art includes writing Inspirational Books, Encouraging Quotes, a Clothing Line, Landscape Photography, Impasto Painting (paint as thick as paste), Glowography (my own version of glow-in-the-dark art), Charcoal Drawings, Sumi-e (ink washing) and working with 24 karat gold, in Impasto Paintings (gold leaf) and in Maki-e (sprinkled gold).

My goal is to encourage my viewers to see God in all of creation, to view the world in surprising and magnificent ways they never expected, and to pass that inspiration on to others.

As always, 100% of the proceeds from my art are committed to creating new work and supporting charities for children and families in need.

Thank you for your loving support.

– Lori Grimmett


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