Art of Living Monastery – Center for Creative Enlightenment

I’ve lived at the Art of Living Monastery – Center for Creative Enlightenment for nearly a decade now.

A Bible-based, Christ-centered, born-again Monastic lifestyle; for those living out a lifelong vow deeply devoted to God. An answer for those seeking something far deeper than the world or religious façade so often seen in today’s society. 

Art of Living Monastery - Center for Creative Enlightenment

Wearing robes is typically reserved for spiritual monastery work. Our robes are deep red, as a symbol of the blood Christ shed for our sins and the deep love He wraps us in daily. Shaving the head is optional. I am the only resident at the Monastery who does not shave my head. While it is a physical reminder of our dedication, it (especially on women) can be a distraction to the world. If we stand out in public, we pray that it’s through our love and kindness, not through physical differences.

We use the Bible as the foundation of truth, with the Yin and Yang of everything in balance, including God’s Five Elements (Earth, Fire, Tree, Water, Metal). Beyond our daily Bible studies, prayer and mindfulness meditation, we spend time each day observing God’s weather, plants and animals that surround us.

Devoted to living a God-centered life, we seek to increase in wisdom, love, self-awareness and gratitude in all things, as we strive daily to increase in Godly enlightenment.






Trail 01


Relinquish, Gain


Dear God, I ask that I may gain

Wisdom, love and self-restrain.

May I lay down my selfish pride

And look to you for what’s inside.

I ask you not to shelter thee

From winds and storms that strengthen me.

I pray I will relinquish too

From giving up, to pulling through.

And in the darkness of the night

Replace my fear with peace of light.

Let me grow with every trial

Gaining wisdom all the while.

May I humbly walk behind your lead,

Giving thanks for air I breathe.

To relinquish self and worldly vain,

I’m daily blessed with Godly gain.

And to my dying day, I pray

My path leads others to follow your way.


By Lori Grimmett

My Monk prayer
Art of Living Monastery, Center for Creative Enlightenment

Deer feeding fawn