By supporting my small business we’re working together to change the world for the better.

100% of my proceeds from my art are committed to creating new work and supporting charities for children and families in need.

Proceeds toward new work might include things like, paint, brushes, supplies, tools, transportation and medical care to be able to keep me doing what I’m doing.

All other proceeds are gifted to charities. Right now my most supported charities are Operation Blessing and Compassion International. Both of these charities work hard to reach families and children in need all across our planet.


Compassion International is a humanitarian organization dedicated to the long-term development of children living in poverty around the world. They function in 26 countries and provide aid to more than 1,800,000 children.

More than 82 percent of every dollar goes directly into caring for the children.




Operation Blessing is a humanitarian organization with operations in 105 countries and all 50 US states, providing goods and services; implementing programs that provide disaster relief, medical aid, clean water, hunger relief, community development and orphan care.

They work hard to combat poverty, hunger, exploitation and oppression with the provision of food, clothing, shelter, medical care and other basic necessities of life. They also help facilitate the development of healthy, vibrant and self-sustaining communities by addressing larger issues of education, food security, potable water, employment, community health and disaster mitigation projects.

More than 98% of Operation Blessing’s spending goes directly toward lifesaving and life-changing humanitarian programs, allowing them to leverage every dollar of support to bless as many people as possible.



Thank you for supporting my small business and helping to change the lives of millions of children and families in need, all across the world. May God bless you.